This Autonomous Tent in Big Sur Provides Glamping With A View

Autonomous Tent Tree Bones Resort

Tucked away in Big Sur lies the Treebones Resort, an Eco Resort offering an unparalleled romantic setting with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. On the grounds they have 16 yurts, multiple campsites, a massage studio, pool, spa, sushi bar and a restaurant. But then there’s the ultimate in glamping… the resort’s one and only Autonomous Tent.

Autonomous Tent Tree Bones Resort

autonomous tent tree bones resort

A true Eco Resort, Treebones strives to create as light a footprint on the earth as possible and employs just about every sustainable and ecological practice possible. Recycling, repurposing, composting, low voltage lighting, growing their own vegetables, solar power and more. Even the coffee stir sticks are pasta noodles to save on trees.

While their full view Ocean Yurts with king beds, generous redwood decks and Adirondack chairs are a great way to commune with nature, it’s their one Autonomous Tent that is the resort’s true piece de resistance.

Made by The Autonomous Tent Company in the USA and designed by famous California architect Harry Gesner, it’s engineered as a permanent structure that can go up in a few days and leave no discernible trace when removed. The one at Treebones resort was erected in 2016 and is one of three now in the U.S.

Perched privately, on the edge of the site, this one-of-a-kind Cocoon-shaped tent has its own private deck and outdoor fire pit.

It’s covered by a luminous resilient fabric stretched across the sturdy metal ribs that glows at night and provides natural indoor lighting during the day.

Photo by Chris Tollette

The 500 square foot space is outfitted with a King size bed, luxurious cotton bed linens, leather lounging chairs and a gas fireplace.

The en suite bathroom even has a free standing clawfoot tub and flushable composting toilet.

Floor plan:

Rates for the Autonomous Tent at Treebones begin at $595 (subject to change).

Treebones is located 5 hours drive from Los Angeles and 4 hours from San Francisco. We are in the most Southern end of the Big Sur Coast; approximately a 60 minute drive South (30 miles) from Big Sur Village

Treebones Resort in Big Sur

all images and information courtesy of the Autonomous Tent Company and Treebones Resort