Artists Take The Plunge: Part III – More Pool Paintings.

Paintings of People in Pools

This post is the third in a series. A continuation of yesterday’s Artists Take The Plunge, Part II, which featured more than 50 paintings of people swimming, in and around pools and of the first post in the series, Artists Take The Plunge: The Swimming Pool As Subject.

Paintings of People in Pools

Now we are going to take a look at some of paintings of children in pools.

A few of Michael Blessing‘s paintings:

and Wendy Willis’ work:

Pipa Lehar’s “Poolside”:

and Fiona Jack’s “Learning To Swim”:

Clearly, another popular subject are people hanging poolside, as witnessed by these numerous appealing renderings:

Works by DJ Hall.
“Above It All”:

“Picture Perfect”:

title unknown:

Terry Rodgers, “Burfield’s”:

Bea Kuhlke, “The Pool”:

Scott Bricher,”St.John Pool”:

Laura Loe, “At The Pool”:

Kay Crain, “Ladies by The Pool”:

Night Pool Scenes

Patricia Chidlaw, “Girl In Pool”:

Linda Christensen, “Reflection”:

Not to be missed, are these fabulous, further abstracted depictions of people in pools:

By Isca Greenfield Sanders:

Lisa Wright:

And Moto Kotsuki’s serene “poolside”:

I could go on and on.

I have undoubtedly left out hundreds of talented artists who paint pools and people in them. So, forgive me. I just hope you can appreciate the small sampling of talent I found and find their work as inspiring and captivating as I do.

Robert Floyd's "Poolside"
Shown at top: Robert Floyd’s “Poolside”

And yes, eventually I did replace my stolen pool painting with another, but much smaller. This fabulous piece, Pool Time, by Danny Heller:

Pool_Time_by Danny heller
Pool Time by Danny Heller

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