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Artist Kim Cogan Captures The Quiet Side Of City Life With A Paintbrush.

the paintings of Kim Cogan

Artist Kim Cogan is one of my favorite fine artists. His painterly depictions of Brooklyn, San Francisco and other urban centers capture the grit of city life with an elegance and loneliness that stirs the soul. The large scale oil paintings feature rooftops, intersections, subways and other elements of the city, but usually devoid of people. When rendering figures, they are not engaged with others, but instead in the acts of the ordinary (smoking, walking, biking) making the viewer feel like a voyeur in these intimate moments of the mundane.

The Paintings of Kim Cogan

The Paintings of Kim Cogan
Kim Cogan at work on Manhattan Bridge in Fog
kim cogan paintings
American Dream, his latest painting (2012) for the Resolve Show at Joshua Liner Gallery

His painterly style simultaneously conveys energy along with a certain calm. The vacant midnight moments and late night neon sign stores portray the fact that cities never sleep, even when people do.

Recent works (2011):

Stop at Lorimar:
city paintings

Spot Lite:
contemporary art

Paradise Deli:
kim cogan Paradose Deli

Mission Intersection at Midnight:
Mission Intersection at Midnight by Kim Cogan

Mission Intersection at Midnight (detail):
painting detail

Night Rider:

Dark Corner:
Night Rider and Dark Corner

Open Late:

Third Rail:

Williamsburg at Midnight:

paintings by Kim Cogan

paintings by Kim Cogan

Brooklyn Rooftops:
Kim Cogan, Brooklyn Rooftops

Small View:
small view

Manhattan Bridge with Fog:

Bronx River Crossing:
paintings by Kim Cogan Bronx River Crossing

Lower East Side Rooftops:
paintings by Kim Cogan

Rooftops in Brooklyn:
rooftops in brooklyn

Late Afternoon:

paintings by Kim Cogan

Earlier works (2009-2010)

Last Chapter:


and Garden of Eden:

Sweet tooth:

Nick’s Luncheonette:

Grey Day:
Grey day by Kim Cogan

He shared a look at his process here on his blog.

The artist’s site

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