24 Artist-Embellished Darth Vader Helmets Up For Auction (150+ photos)

Artist-Embellished Darth Vader Helmets

Three months ago, 24 local and national artists were selected by HalloweenCostumes.com to create original art pieces with authentic replica Darth Vader Helmets as their base. And what a job they’ve done! And yes, all of them are shown in this post.

Artist-Embellished Darth Vader Helmets

artist embellished darth vader helmets ganged hero

Tattoo artists, prop designers, illustrators, poster designers, graffiti artists, sculptors and more have turned the iconic helmet into original and unusual Artist-Embellished Darth Vader Helmets that you have the opportunity to own.

With a starting bid of $50.00 USD, HalloweenCostumes.com is auctioning off each of these artists’ creations with the proceeds benefitting two Minnesota charities, the Midwest Art Catalyst and the Miracle League of North Mankato.

Here are all 24 helmets:

Denise Vasquez “FRANKENVADER”:
denise vasquez helmet

Jason Goad “The Haunting of Darth Vader”:
Jason Goad “The Haunting of Darth Vader”
Jason Goad “The Haunting of Darth Vader”Jason Goad “The Haunting of Darth Vader”

Christopher Mark Galiyas “Luke, Put Down That Koi… I Mean Toy and Get Over Here”:
Christopher Mark Galiyas
Christopher Mark Galiyas

Ryan Peterson “Skevader”:
Ryan Peterson “Skevader”
Ryan PetersonRyan Peterson “Skevader”

Brad Smith “Star Roars”:
Brad Smith “Star Roars”
Brad Smith “Star Roars”Brad Smith “Star Roars”

Lindsey Tollefson “Saturday Night Vader”:
Lindsey Tollefson “Saturday Night Vader”
Lindsey Tollefson Lindsey Tollefson “Saturday Night Vader”

Shane Anderson “Vader’s Got Character”:
Shane Anderson “Vader’s Got Character”
Shane Anderson “Vader’s Got Character”Shane Anderson

R.L. Gibson “Lack of Faith”:
R.L. Gibson
R.L. GibsonR.L. Gibson Vader helmet art

Kelly Bunde “Darth Hoot”:
Kelly Bunde “Darth Hoot”
Kelly Bunde “Darth Hoot”Kelly Bunde “Darth Hoot”

Staci Queen “The Lord of the Stitch: Tailored for Evil”
Staci Queen
Staci QueenStaci Queen

Sonny Wong “Wong Vader”:
Sonny Wong
Sonny Wong Wong Vader helmetSonny Wong Wong Vader helmet

Karl Schneider “Black Metal Vader aka Darth Throne”:
Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider

Weston Brownlee “I Have You Now (2200 AE)”:
Weston Brownlee
Weston Brownlee Weston Brownlee

Dawn Evans Scaltreto “The Trouble with Hubble”:
Dawn Evans Scaltreto
Dawn Evans Scaltreto vader helmetDawn Evans Scaltreto

Travis Lynn Mattick “Bugs in the Helmet”:
Travis Lynn MattickTravis Lynn MattickTravis Lynn Mattick

El Celso “Chicha Vader 2011”:
El Celso
El Celso El Celso

Dheepan Ramanan “Enigma (Darth Vader Helmet)”:
Dheepan Ramanan
Dheepan RamananDheepan Ramanan

David Melendez “Tiki Torch Vader”:
David Melendez
David Melendez David Melendez

Jason Knudson “Darkside Dessert”:
Jason Knudson
Jason Knudson Donut Darth Vader HelmetJason Knudson

Makeba Ische “Sweet, Sweet Daydream for Darth”
Makeba Ische
Makeba IscheMakeba IscheMakeba Ische

Megan Hoogland “Muertos de Vader”
Megan Hoogland
Megan HooglandMegan Hoogland Vader Helmet

Albert Song ‘Guys Gone Right’:
Albert Song
Albert Song

John Dickinson “Apocalypse Vader”:
John Dickinson
John DickinsonSteampunk Vader Helmet

Gabriel Wimmer “Vader from Vader Unmasked”:
Gabriel Wimmer
Gabriel Wimmer Gabriel Wimmer

Auction Details:
• The auction will begin on February 7, 2012 at 12PM CST.

• Bidding will open on February 7th, 2012 at 12pm CST. When bidding opens, individuals will be able to click on a helmet and enter a bid. The placement of a bid will start a 24 hour timer. If the individual is outbid within that 24 hours, the timer will start again and the new high bidder will have 24 hours to be outbid. This process will continue until a high bidder maintains his or her position for all 24 hours. EACH HELMET’S AUCTION, BIDDING, and TIMER WILL FUNCTION INDEPENDENTLY.

Note: After you place a bid, you will receive email confirmation that your bid has been received. If you are outbid during the 24 hour period, you will be notified that you are no longer the high bidder. If your bid has won the helmet, you will receive an email with further details.

For questions and media inquiries contact Elise at [email protected].
Happy Bidding!

Visit here for more images, artist’s statements, information and videos of each helmet.

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