Fine Jewelry Goes To the Dogs – And Cats: Jari Limited

jari gemstone jewellery for pets and owners

We know that nowadays people don’t seem to be sparing any expense when it comes to spoiling their furry friends. Jari Gemstone Jewelry for Pets by the UK’s Jari Limited  is no exception.

Jari Gemstone Jewelry for Pets and Their Owners

Jari Gemstone Jewelry for Pets

They create exceptional fine jewellery (or jewelry) for cats and dogs. And not just gem studded and embedded collars but necklaces, anklets and yes.. even cuffs! They will create matching sets for pet and owner as well.

matching jewelry for pets and people
fine jewelry for pets
jari unlimited matching jewelry for pets and owners

Beautiful, made to order collections for both you and your pet using precious metals and precious and semi-precious stones, all ethically sourced.

gemstone pet jewelry

All of their items are made to order, allowing you to alter the type and colour of precious stones used and choose the quality of the metals used, 9ct, 18ct yellow or white gold, or platinum.

Jari gemstone pet collar

Each piece is hallmarked with the unique Jari stamp and is engraved with the collection and edition number. This also allows you to have your own unique message or security information added to the piece at the same time, if you wish. They are all produced to the highest quality, in the UK with magnetic safety fastenings. Even the Jari collar tags are available in all forms of gold.

jari tagJari tag in gold

Jari is not only a creative and original company, it’s a socially responsible one.

Kim and Lou of Jari Unlimitedkitty with gemstone collar
Above: Kim and Lou of Jari limited

Before you dismiss Jari as a silly expensive indulgence, let me remind you that they only use ethically sourced diamonds, metals and precious stones, the company donates a percentage of their profits to Dogs Trust, they promote photographer Clare-Louise, (who took many of the wonderful pet portraits shown above) and they support artists by having competitions.
above: The Dogs Trust, previously known as the National Canine Defence League, is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for over 16,000 dogs each year at their 17 rehoming centers across the country.

Want your Furry friend to be a star? Check out their present competition
Jari is scouting the cat baskets and kennels of Great Britian to find the perfect whiskered face to launch its exclusive range of bespoke high fashion jewellery. The winner will receive a 12 month modelling contract worth up to a 4 figure sum plus portraits of their shoots for their modelling portfolio. Closing date is 31st May 2008 [email protected] 

jari gold and gemstone collarjari limited

Jari Limited