Those Amazing Animal Chairs Keep Coming – And Now in Color!

Animal chairs in color
The animal chairs by Maximo Riera now come in color

For the past several years designer Maximo Riera has been working on producing a collection of Animal Chairs. His first three – the Octopus, Walrus and Rhino chairs -received plenty of press and you may recall having seen them on design blogs such as this one. Now animal chairs in color have arrived.

Animal Chairs In Color from Maximo Riera

The unusual pieces of furniture combine animals with classic tufted and traditional chair elements to result in unique comfortable single and two seaters.

Maximo has continued to produce the ever-growing collection which is now up to 9 designs.

Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera in black
above: The original collection of three Animal Chairs were initially available in black only

The limited edition polyurethane chairs have internal frames of steel and seats of fine leather and are now available in various colors ranging from Taupe to Lavender.

colored Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera

Here’s a thorough look at every chair in the collection thus far.

The Elephant Chair:
W167xH230xL297 Weight: 125 Kg
elephant chairelephant chairelephant chair

The Hippo Chair:
W109xH140xL297, Weight: 90 Kg
The Hippo ChairThe Hippo Chair

The Beetle Chair:
W134xH120 xL207, Weight: 65 Kg
The Beetle ChairThe Beetle ChairThe Beetle Chair

The Toad Sofa:
W200xH101xL180, Weight: 90 Kg
The Toad SofaToad SofaThe Toad SofaToad Sofa

The Whale Chair:
W236xH234xL235, Weight: 120 Kg
Whale ChairWhale ChairWhale ChairWhale Chair

The Rhino Chair:
W88xH155xL171, Weight: 115 Kg
Rhino ChairRhino ChairRhino Chair

The Walrus Chair:
W140xH105xL215, Weight: 125 Kg
The Walrus ChairThe Walrus ChairThe Walrus ChairThe Walrus Chair

The Octopus Chair:
W130xH129xL174, Weight: 65 Kg
Octopus ChairOctopus Chair Octopus Chair octopus chair

The Buffalo Chair:
The Buffalo ChairThe Buffalo ChairThe Buffalo Chair

The limited edition Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera can be purchased here

maximo riera

all images courtesy of Maximo Riera