Philippe Starck’s Stylish Smart Ring: Aeklys by Starck

aeklys by starck smart ring

With the constant influx of new and improving technological innovations humans are getting increasingly closer to dematerialization. We find we need less “stuff” and that which we do need requires more power and more intelligence. The latest product to embody this reality is a smart ring designed by Philippe Starck – Aeklys by Starck.

Aeklys By Starck Smart Ring

aeklys by starck smart ring

Thanks to patented unique technologies and to an ultra-ergonomic minimal design, the Aeklys by Starck replaces your payment cards, your transportation tickets, your business card and your contactless identification devices. The device’s unlimited features are constantly evolving to provide you freedom and security.

Aeklys by starck smart ring on white

Created in collaboration with start-up Icare Technologies, Aeklys by Starck, is the smart ring that connects you to your environment like magic. More than a new connected device, Aeklys by Starck works in symbiosis with your body for an augmented humanity.

starck smart ring quote

Icare quote
ICARE Technologies Jérémy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola who developed the smart ring Aeklys by Starck in collaboration with Philippe Starck

The Wave Control ® System
aeklys wave control

Although you can wear your Aeklys by Starck on any finger, note that the contactless antenna is in the black part and that it has been designed to be worn daily on your index finger.

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The Wave Control system ® is a patented security that prevents the ring from being copied. The ring will emit only when the system Wave Control ® is kept activated. This allows you to control when Aeklys by Starck can interact with its environment. Thus securing Wave Control ® can be easily activated using your thumb.

The App
the aeklys app

The Aeklys App is the control center of your Aeklys by Starck. The free mobile application has been specifically designed to allow you to program and control Aeklys by Starck remotely.

– On-distance activation/deactivation
– Budget and account management
– New features subscription

Services Currently Available (some of these require additional fees):
• Banking Payments
AEKLYS payment by smart ring

Your Aeklys by Starck is connected to an electronic wallet. Fully secured, strictly personal and totally free of charge, you can bank transfer:
– Without fees
– Everywhere in the world
– Free currency conversion
– On-distance instant activation/deactivation
– Live push notifications
– Payments live location
– Archives

• Public Transportation
smart ring TRANSPORT
Public Transportation  everywhere in the world for every open-payment compatible system. By waving your hand and without queuing, you can buy and validate your transportation ticket with Aeklys by Starck.

• Digital Business Card
Integrated in the ring allows you to send your details by a simple gesture to your favourite contacts and to justify your ID, in particular at your office, by an elegant hand wave.

• Smart Home
aeklys smart home feature

Fully secured and without impact on home insurance, this feature allows you to manage access on your smart lock by waving your hand.

Aeklys by Starck includes a free smart home feature (excluding the purchase cost of the lock) allowing you to manage access a home, an airbnb, a co-working or to an office.

A partnership has been established with the French company Elocky to offer you a customized smart home feature with a specific price offer. Elocky is expert in highly secured smart locks with long-term autonomy and compliant with every European lock.

• Computer Identfication 
computer unlocking smart ring
By providing additional securities for your personal data, the ring will replace your Password for your Windows, MacOS or Linux session.

• Private Concierge
aeklys concierge

A dedicated concierge that you can connect with from the Aeklys App. Pricing: 58,80€ for 1 year use.

A permanent antiviral and antibacterial coating
starck smart ring aeklys

Aeklys by Starck has a permanent coating Liquid Guard ®. This invisible physical barrier destroys microbes, viruses and coronaviruses 99.8% and is not dangerous to your health. It’s always clean and meets current health safety requirements.

General Specs
• Structural materials : ABS & TPU
• Thickness: : between 4.9 and 3.1 mm
• Weight: : 5 g
• Waterproof : IP57
• Liquid Guard® permanent antimicrobial coating ISO 21702 : 2019 and ISO 22196 – JIS 280 2010

Compatible Smartphones:
• iPhone 6 and later
• Android® devices
• Aeklys by Starck must be activated from a smartphone and not from a computer.
Aeklys by starck smart ring

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