Add Some Personality To Your Plants With DIY Face Pots. Here’s The Instructions And Supplies To Make Your Own.

Make your own Face Pots

Face Pots (which ought to be called Face Plants – at least in the US for the double entendre) are a charming and funny idea that you can easily make yourself. They make great gifts and party centerpieces. Depending on your choice of plant, the foliage makes hilarious ” hair.”

Make Your Own Face Pots

Make Your Own Face Pots

How To Make Them:
Make your own Face Pots

Links to all you need to make your own:
Various Houseplants
Clear Plastic Plants Pots
Classic Plant Pot
Photo Printer Paper
Potting soil

This great do-it-yourself idea was conceived of by Kazakhstan’s independent creative marketing and pr agency GOOD! who is the source of the images.