Acrila – Modern Acrylic Furniture That Goes From Baroque To Pop Art.

Acrila Modern Acrylic Furniture

Founded by designer Jean Christophe Bernard this collection of artsy modern acrylic furniture from Acrila of France are unusual decorative furnishings for both commercial and residential use. Below are some of our fave pieces.

Artsy Modern Acrylic Furniture

With works by designers Vincent Poujardieu, Carlo Rampazzi, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Elodie Acoca and Patrick R. Lavoix, Acrila has designed furnishings that include dining chairs, lounge chairs, dining tables, console tables, end tables, lamps, adjustable bar stools and even necklaces.

Artsy Modern Acrylic Furniture

acrylic trestle table

Most recent additions to their fun furnishings are the Grand Soir collection; black and white lasercut baroque chairs, bar stools and tables.

lasercut acrylic furniture

Artsy Modern Acrylic Furniture

lasercut acrylic barstools

And the City Collection; a typographic treatment of International city names in black or white on a console, bar stools, floor and table lamps.

Artsy Modern Acrylic Furniture

modern lucite furniture

Artsy Modern Acrylic Furniture

acrylic typographic table lamps

Other collections, by the aforementioned designers, include the following:
acrylic printed furniture

mondrianesque acrylic chair

Artsy Modern Acrylic Furniture

modern furniture

fun acrylic chairs

img class=”alignnone” src=”” alt=”baroque style modern acrylic chair” width=”699″ height=”635″ border=”0″ />

trestle table with acrylic top

acrylic furniture

contemporary acrylic chairs

acrylic printed console tables

Here are some examples of their fun lamps:
floor lamps bamboo and grass acrylic

guitar silhouette floor lamps

numbers floor lamp

A City Skyline screen and Eiffel tower chair are also available:

eiffel tower acrylic chair

And even acrylic handgun necklaces:
acrylic handgun necklaces

There’s a lot more to see at their site.

Acrila modern design
Acrila Modern Acrylic Furniture is available to the trade only.