A Look Inside The Moleskine Glass House Sketchbook

moleskine glass house sketchbook copy

The Moleskine Glass House sketchbook features sketches by 29 architects, designers, and artists inspired by the home, quotes by Philip Johnson, and blank pages for notes or sketching. A limited edition notebook, the proceeds from it go to support the preservation and maintenance of Johnson’s famous architectural masterpiece, The Glass House (shown above).

This sketchbook is inspired by the site’s unique power of place, its role as a source of inspiration for architects, designers and artists, and the desire for visitors to pause, look closely, and document their observations as part of their site experience. In this spirit, the Glass House has launched a partnership with Moleskine®, the signature tool for creative minds, to produce a custom sketchbook.

The centerpiece of the notebook is Stephen Doyle’s 3D glass house:

and here are the rest of the sketches:

Participants include: Yves Béhar, Michael Bell, Deborah Berke, James Biber, Mattia Bonetti, Constantin Boym, Seymour Chwast, Stephen Doyle, Steven Ehrlich, Rafael Esquer, Alexander Gorlin, Steven Holl, Christopher Huan, Rainer Judd, Maira Kalman, Chip Kidd, LOT-EK | Giuseppe Lignano and Ada Tolla, Mark McInturff, Richard Meier, Toshiko Mori, Michael Morris, Fred Noyes, Gaetano Pesce, Ron Radziner, Jens Risom, Yoshiko Sato, Denyse Schmidt, Alison Spear, Joseph Tanney

To order a copy of the sketchbook, call 203.594.9884, ext.1

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