3D Printable Face Mask Designed To #StopTheSpread: A Mask For All

3D Printed mask for all

A Mask For All is a collaborative effort between US, Argentine and European citizens to provide the open source files needed to print a 3D face mask that may help prevent you from spreading the Covid-19 virus.

3D Printable Mask For All

Given the global shortage of N95 masks, procedure masks, and PPE, which are desperately needed by caregivers on the frontlines of COVID-19, a group of industrious folks decided to help. Since 3D printing requires no special tooling, it has the unique power to rapidly respond to manufacturing demand.

Developed by a team of experts to be easily 3D printable, this face mask was created to provide quick and easy access to anyone with a 3D printer and their communities. The four separate files needed can be found here on Thingverse.

Thingverse files

To be perfectly clear, the mask makes no claims on the efficiency of preventing the COVID-19, but is designed with their belief that “something is better than nothing.” These masks are meant for those who have no other alternative and to take demand off the market for medical quality masks which are being purchased by the average consumer who does not need these masks. It is recommended to use a professional OEM type mask over this design, if available.

Because this project was put together quickly, those behind it are constantly working on it to improve it. As the design evolves and new information is available, they will update the files. At the moment, because all 3D printers are different, there are no specific recommendations as to filament type, print speed, infill, etc.

This design requires no support structures and if you can print and donate additional masks, please contact the folks at A Mask For All here to get them to the medical professionals in need. Assist them in helping yourself and your community from catching the COVID-19 virus.

a mask for all project

Please visit www.amaskforall.com for the complete instructions on scaling for size, use and disinfecting.