Soroche Creates 3D Paper Animal Masks For The Wall. Or Your Head.

3D Paper Animal Masks by Soroche Labs

“SOROCHE de los andes,” an Ecuadorian design studio based in Rotterdam, hand makes these unusual functional and decorative masks. Die cut with a small mechanical press, the Animal Masks (Maska) are three dimensional paper sculptures that can be decorated, mounted upon the wall or yes, worn.

3D Paper Animal Masks by Soroche Labs

3D Paper Animal Masks by Soroche Labsbear mask on IIHIH
Fox mask on IIHIH
Fox mask on IIHIH

The beautiful masks arrive flat packed and are created by folding, gluing and assembling with ease. They can be placed on a wall as art or decoration, but are also wearable as masks for a costume or just for fun. They come in white, and can be painted or customized any way you like.

3D Paper Animal Masks Masks on wall

Their attention to the packaging design is impressive. All masks are packed in a beautiful kraft paper box, screen printed in a local workshop. Soroche Labs endeavors to produce their masks in a sustainable way, ensuring every part of the design and process treats nature and people with respect.

Mask packaging for soroche labs

Pics of the creation process:

Dimensions (built): 15.75″ x 19.7″ x 15.75″
Materials: 400 gr environmental blank paper.

The Masks Embellished By Artists From All Over The World
This coming June, a show in association with the Mesh Print Club featuring the Soroche Maskas embellished by various artists will be on exhibit:
soroche masks designers

soroche logo home1

Fox, deer and bear masks available either directly from Soroche Labs here or at twentytwentyone or GNR8 (Generate design)

Soroche de Los Andes