Hot Chicks and Cool Cars. The 2013 Miss Tuning World Calendar from Bodensee.

2013 Miss Tuning World Calendar

Once again, it’s time for the gratuitous scantily clad women and cars combination that is the annual Miss Tuning World Calendar. Photographer Max Seam has shot this year’s Miss Tuning World, Frizzi Arnold, against the impressive architecture of Helsinki and the beautiful landscapes around the capital for the tenth annual Miss Tuning World Calendar from Bodensee.

2013 Miss Tuning World Calendar

Brunette beauty Frizzi Arnold is featured in the land of hot saunas and cool lakes for her 2013 Miss Tuning World calendar shoot that took place earlier this year in Finland.

Cover page
Location: Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki
Car: Toyota Paseo (Owner: Marika Nerelli)
Background info: Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki Cathedral, is a landmark in the Finnish capital.

2013 Miss Tuning World Calendar

Location: Helsinki Malmi Airport, Helsinki
Car: Dodge Challenger (Owner: Harri Saari)
Background info: The airport was established in the 1950s as the airport in Finland. In the background, a discarded Finnish Airlines DC-3 can be seen.

2013 Miss Tuning World Calendar

Location: Unique Lapland, Helsinki
Background info: In the Snow Hall of Lapland, the temperature prevails throughout the year at a minus temperature of 5 °, which allows for dog sledding, Igluübernachtungen and cool drinks at the ice bar.

women and cars calendar

Location: Valtti Areena, Vantaa
Cars: Plymouth Sport Roadster (Owner: Antti Vaitinnen) & SKODA Octavia (Owner: Marko Ketonnen)
Background info: Hockey is to Finland what football is to Germany – the National Sport. Kiekko Vantaa has existed since 1994, playing in the second highest league.

bodensee tuning world calendar

Location: Kaivopuisto Park, Helsinki
Car: Mustang Fastback (Owner: Joni Juvonnen)
Background info: What does a son give to his father on the 50th Birthday? A car! And, not just any car, but this Mustang Fastback designed together with the sametractor and trailer.

bodensee tuning world calendar

Location: Studio
Car: Opel Kadett C (Owner: Uwe Wolf)
Background info: The Opel Kadett C by Uwe Wolf won the EUROPEAN TUNING SHOWDOWN.

bodensee tuning world calendar

Location: Parking Lot, Vantaa
Car: Honda Civic (Owner: Tero Muotka)
Background info: Fire plays an important role in Scandinavia. First,it acts as a light and heat source in the long, cold winter months, and it keeps Mitsommernacht celebrated with traditional Mitsommernachtsfeuern.

bodensee tuning world calendar

Location: Helsinki Malmi Airport, Helsinki
Car: Ford Escort Cosworth (Owner: Christoffer Johansson)
Background info: Cosworth plays a major role in both the automotive sector as well as in aviation. So, where would a Ford Escort Cosworth look better than in an aircraft hangar?

Max Seam calendar for bodensee

Location: Halkolaituri, Helsinki
Car: Ford Pickup (Owner: Jussi Luntamo)
Background info: Halkolaituri is the old port of the Finnish capital which is populated today by numerous vintage ships. The Ford pickup was cut off behind the driver’s seat and is connected to an old Russian military vehicle.

hot chicks and cool cars

Location: Eiranranta, Helsinki
Car: Lincoln Premiere (Owner: Jaakko Veline)
Background info: A leap back into the 60s

bodensee tuning world calendar

Location: Helsinki Malmi Airport, Helsinki
Car: Gunfighter Truck (Owner: Jaakko Honkanen)
Background info: The Gunfighter Truck is a completely styled truck and a daily staple on the Helsinki route.

bodensee tuning world 2013 calendar

Location: MS Relandersgrund, Helsinki
Car: Nissan S-Cargo (Owner: Jani Lemberg)
Background info: MS Relandersgrund, a steamer is converted into a pub, is a popular place in the northern port of Helsinki.

bodensee tuning world calendar 2013

Location: Unique Lapland, Helsinki
Car: Mercedes 280 (Owner: Heikki Mantere)
Background info: The village of Santa’s workshop is located in the Finnish Arctic Circle and was awarded in 2000 as the most remarkable Scandinavian Christmas spectacle.

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