20 Stainless Steel Tea Kettles You Should Whistle At!

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This post is featuring 20 stainless steel tea kettles and one teapot. Sometimes called water kettles, stove top kettles or just simply ‘kettles’, each of these is an example of exquisite function and form.

Stainless Steel Tea Kettles

Kettles are really just vessels to heat water, whereas teapots just ‘hold’ the brewed tea. Most tea kettles ‘whistle’ when the water has reached boiling point. Several of these stove top kettles have Kohner harmonica whistles or other high quality whistles that do not pierce the ears but instead are nice and melodic reminders that your water is ready.

The following stainless steel kettles are noted because of their design, functionality and availability. No concept or prototype tea kettles in this post, just amazingly designed ones you can actually purchase. From classic bauhaus inspired designs that have been around since the early 1930’s to the best new modern designs of today, like Joey Roth’s Sorapot.

I’m starting with the classic tea kettles by various designers for Alessi. So, settle in with a cup of tea and start reading.

Alessi Signature Kettle with Bird Whistle by Michael Graves, 1985
Alessi Signature Kettle with Bird Whistle by Michael Graves, 1985
67 oz , stainless steel, buy it here.

And there’s a version with a T-Rex whistle as well!
Alessi T- Rex Whistle Kettle
Buy The T-Rex version here

With all white … and now, there’s a special limited Black edition:
special edition Alessi Bird Whistle Tea Kettles
buy the special black edition here.
buy the white one here.

*Almost impossible to find is Michael Graves’ variation on his Alessi tea kettle, the Spinning Whistle Tea Kettle, once available only at Target.
Michael Graves Design Spinner Whistle Teakettle
Buy it here

The Pito Teakettle by Frank Gehry for Alessi:
Alessi Frank Gehry Pito Tea Kettle
Designed by Frank Gehry for Alessi, 1992. Handle and whistle in mahogany. 1 qt 29 oz capacity, 7.25″ h. Buy it here.

Il Conico Tea Kettle, Designed by Aldo Rossi for Alessi:
Il Conico Tea Kettle, Designed by Aldo Rossi for Alessi
Kettle in polished steel. 8.7″ diameter x 8.7″ h buy it here

Alessi Fruit Basket Teapot designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa:
Alessi Fruit Basket Teapot
Alessi Fruit Basket Teapot in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished, cm17.2 x cm13.6 x hcm 17.5;
Buy it here.

Alessi Mami O’ Water tea kettle (no longer available):
Alessi Mami O' Water tea kettle
special order here.

Alessi Train Whistle Tea Kettle by Richard Sapper:
Alessi Train Whistle Tea Kettle by Richard Sapper
Kettle in stainless steel mirror polished with melodic whistle in brass and handle in PA, black. Magnetic steel heat diffusing bottom. buy it here.

The Mami Tea kettle by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi:
The Mami Tea kettle by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi
In brushed stainless steel, first designed in 2003, 10.25″ h | 9.5″ d | 3.5″ w | 1qt. 18.75oz.
buy it here.

Oliver Hemming’s stunning Nio Hob Stove Top Kettle:
Oliver Hemming's stunning Nio Hob Stove Top Kettle
buy the Nio kettles here.

The Eva Trio Water Kettle by Ole Palsby:

Hard to find, but beautiful. Designed by Ole Palsby for the Eva Trio line of Eva Denmark. Water Kettle made of imperishable 18/10 high-quality steel with a robust thermal bottom offering excellent heat distribution. The entire series has “cool” handles and a pouring rim.
buy it here.

The Lucido Whistling Kettle by Serafino Zani:
SerafinoZani Coil handle tea kettle

The Whistling Kettle from Serafino zani, with its signature coiled handle, has been made in Italy. These Whistling Kettles hold up to a maximum of 1.7L of water.
buy it here.

And the Serafino Zani Geyser Whistling Tea Kettle:
SerafinoZani Geyser Kettle
This is now very difficult to find. You have to buy directly from SerafinoZani here

The Bodum Ottoni Stovetop Kettle:
Bodum Ottoni Stove top kettle
buy it here.

Bodum Osiris tea kettle in shiny stainless steel:
Bodum Osiris Kettle
buy it here.

The Chantal Classic Stainless kettle:
Chantal classic stainless steel whistling kettle
A classic. Available in two sizes, matte or high-polished stainless steel and  various colored enamel finishes- buy any of them here.

The Piquot Kettle K3 is a stunning kettle with wood handle by Piquo Ware.
The Piquot Kettle K3
The Piquot Kettle K3 is made from Magnailium, an aluminum/magnesium alloy developed by Picquot Ware.
buy it here.

The Oggi Zephyr stainless steel tea kettle has a nice modern design and is very reasonably priced:
The Oggi Zephyr tea kettle
buy it here.

*The Globus Tea Kettle
Art Lebedev Globus Tea Kettles
Globus kettle
Made of 18/10 stainless steel with a silcione handle available in blue, red or yellow. Made by the Russian Design Studio Art Lebedev, it will be available soon- so they say- at their worldwide online store. *The last time I checked, the Globus teapot was still not yet available for purchase.

And finally, Joey Roth’s Stunning Sorapot, now available in mirrored high polish or brushed stainless is destined to become a classic like the aforementioned tea kettles. Truth be told, this is more of a teapot than a kettle because it does not plug in nor can it sit on a burner. But I had to include it.

The Sorapot
The Sorapot

Original Brushed finish Sorapot:
Original Brushed finish Sorapot
Original Brushed finish Sorapot
Original Brushed finish Sorapot
and now, in a Mirror Polished finish:
Mirror polished finish Sorapot
Mirror polished finish Sorapot
Mirror polished finish Sorapot
Buy the Sorapot in brushed finish here.