10 Pieces of Snowflake-Inspired Modern Home Furnishings

Snowflake inspired modern home furnishings

I’m not talking about seasonal Christmas decor here, I’m talking about year round pieces of modern designer furniture that will add a little Winter Wonderland to any room in the house. From area rugs to bookshelves and chairs to tiles, here’s a round up of cool Snowflake-Inspired Modern Home Furnishings.

Snowflake-Inspired Modern Home Furnishings

The Zelli Bookcase by Younes Design:
Snowflake-Inspired Modern Home Furnishings
Zelli black YounesDuret IIHIH

Zelli is a handmade bookcase that reinvents, in three dimensions, the geometrical pattern of traditional Moroccan mosaic work which resembles a geometric snowflake. Easy to move around (and dismount), the interlocked, nail and screw-free pieces easily assembled in 10 minutes time.

Made of Simopor material, the bookcase is both robust and easy to maintain. A simple damp cloth will clean your Zelli.
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The Minizelli wall-mounted bookcase by Younes Design:
Mini Zelli by YounesDuret IIHIH

The Minizelli bookcase, like her big sister Zelli, embodies the shape inspired by the Zellige, traditional moroccan mosaics work. As fun as the previous version, this small wall bookcase has eight identical units automatically assembled to but up against each other, interlocking, without nails or screws. Different combinations or readjustments are easily made.

100 diam x 1.25 cm, made in black or white Simopor.
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Snowflake Nanook Chair for Moroso:
Nanook- chairs by-philippe-bestenheider-for-moroso-IIHIH
Part of the The Nanook Collection (which is composed of a chair, an armchair and a low table). The design structure is a hexagonal network inspired by molecular geometry or a snowflake. Designed by Philippe Bestenheider.
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Snowflake tables for OFFECCT:
snowflakes tables OFFECT IIHIH
Snowflakes tables OFFECCT

The Snowflake tables designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for OFFECCT are made of DuPont Corian® using advanced computer software. Each table is unique. The aim with the Snowflakes table is to achieve the same variation as that found in real snowflakes. A computer programmer developed software that is connected to a milling machine. The machine cuts out the table top precisely according to the instructions of the design team. In this way, the table is machine made but no two tables are alike because the milling program is changed every time within certain preset parameters. For instance, the table always has six points and the same diameter. Snowflakes is a small, useful table which can be combined by using several by a sofa or just one by the bed. The table is available in three different heights in order to increase the possible variations and usage.
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Snowflake Pendant Lamp in bamboo by David Trubridge:
Snowflake-Pendant-Light-Kitset-Natural-Bamboo IIHIH

Inspired by the designer’s trip to Antarctica, this lamp comes in a kit you assemble yourself. The Snowflake lamp is made of Bamboo plywood and nylon clips. It comes in 9 stock colors or custom colors available on request. 2 sizes available.
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Snowflake Mosaic tiles in gold or silver by Marcel Wanders for Bisazza:
Bisazza-Collezioni-2010-snowflake mosaic tiles by marcel wanders IIHIH

Use them in the bathroom or as a back splash to add some sparkle and magic to a room.
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Ice Rugs from Naja Utzon Popov
Ice rug cu IIHIH
Ice rugs IIHIH

A collection of beautifully hand-crafted rugs designed by Danish artist, Naja Utzon Popov (pron. Nai-ya). ‘Ice’ is a range of rugs inspired by Naja’s extensive travels to Greenland’s vast inland ice plains. With vibrant colour transformations and crystalline forms, the patterns of ice crystals have been translated into a collection of rugs with bold designs, lush textures and vibrant colours.
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Woodnotes Flake Blind or Room Divider:
woodnotes flake by Mia Cullin 1 IIHIH
woodnotes flake by Mia Cullin IIHIH

Designed by Mia Cullen, the Flake consists of snowflake-like pieces which are joined together simply by slipping the point of a flake through the hole of another flake. You can create a compact or a net like, loose surface.  Works as a cutain, window blind or interior room divider. Three-dimensional forms are also possible.
Material: Tyvek®
Package size: 160 pcs (approx. 2,5 – 4 m²)
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The Lumi Bird Feeder
Lumi snowflake birdfeeder IIHIH

The Lumi bird feeder from Design House Stockholm makes the birds happy and at the same time, is beautiful decor for the garden. The bird feeder is designed by Max Mylius and has a wintry shape of a snowflake. The sunflower seeds in the bottom maintain a steady level thanks to the container above.
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The Fling Lamp
Fling lacquered steel lamp BSweden IIHIH
The Fling lamp is an elegant pendant designed by David Taylor for BSweden. Perfect for Advent and Christmas time – or all the year around. The lacquered steel pendant lamp is available in two sizes and comes in white, gold, blue, red, green or blue.
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