The 37 Best Parodies of Rockwell’s Freedom From Want (aka Thanksgiving Dinner).



I know, I know, every blogger, Pinterest pinner and Reddit member has posted their own selection of spoofs (and most without the proper credits) of Norman Rockwell’s 1942 famous oil painting titled Freedom From Want, commonly referred to as Thanksgiving Dinner. Here are the ones you’ve likely seen (The Simpsons and Superheroes) as well as some of the more interesting and unusual ones you may not have. Read more

Old Spice Kills It With Dadsong, The Latest in The ‘Smellcome To Manhood’ Ads.


old spice dadsong

Wieden + Kennedy Portland does it again. Their latest ad for Old Spice is a funny follow-up to Momsong, a commercial which broke earlier this year, launching the ‘Smellcome To Manhood” campaign. In Dadsong, we watch the contradictory manner in which mothers and fathers view the growing up of their little boy. Hilariously illustrated with song and bizarre visuals, the minute long advert manages to endear us to both points of view. Read more

The Grotto Sauna is an Amorphic Prefab on the Edge of a Private Island.


Grotto sauna hero IIHIH

This 800 square foot sauna was constructed to compliment a mid-century cabin on a private island in Georgian Bay on the eastern flank of Lake Huron. Designed by partners Pooya Baktash and Jonathan Friedman of Partisans, the sauna is made of a special rot-resistant local cedar and was designed and fabricated utilizing state of the art 3-D technology. Read more

A New Book Exposes The Dark Side of LEGO. And It’s Beautiful.


Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark is a follow up to last year’s popular book Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle. This newly published hardcover book features Gothic, Mecha, Beastly and many other darker incarnations of miniature sculptures, all made with LEGO bricks. Read more

The Ministry Of Silly Walks Lives On In Great Gifts For Monty Python Fans


John_CleeseThe_Ministry_of_Silly_Walks hero cu IIHIH

The great thing about a funny skit is that, if truly funny, it remains so. Forever. Such is the case with John Cleese’s brilliant Ministry of Silly Walks which first aired way back in 1970 on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Now immortalized in home decor, fashion and toys, here’s a selection of the best Ministry of Silly Walks inspired items. Read more

This Is Not A Toy, It’s A Fragrance. Moschino TOY by Jeremy Scott.


Moschino Toy by Jeremy Scott

Moschino has launched what just may be the world’s cutest perfume. Designed by Creative Director Jeremy Scott, the new Moschino TOY fragrance packaging was inspired by the fashion house’s 1988 fall-winter collection (and a reprised piece for his 2014 RTW Collection), which featured dresses, coats and hats covered in stuffed animals. Read more

A Cannabis Christmas: The 40 Best Gifts For Pot Smokers


cannabis christmas hero 1 IIHIH

So what do you buy the Stoner in your life for the Holiday? Here’s a round up of the best marijuana-themed Christmas decor, hostess gifts, cooking supplies, board games, fashion and fun available. Ranging from cheap stuff like a Pot Leaf Slinky to very, very pricey stuff like a Green Diamond and 18k Gold Mary Jane Ring, here’s everything the Cannabis Connoisseur could possibly covet. Read more

Candles In Cool Containers from Oliver & Co.


Oliver & Co Candles

Let’s face it, when buying upscale candles, you know you’re paying for the container as opposed to the wax, essential oils and rope wick- which run about 60 cents per candle. And with some candles costing up to hundreds of dollars from brands like Missoni and Fornasetti, I hope you like the container enough to keep it after you’ve burned the candle within. Read more

Glass Bottles That Give Back. By Faucet Face.


Faucet face hero IIHIH

Americans are addicted to bottled water. As a nation we throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. And the bottles that don’t reach the landfill often find their way down storm drains which lead directly to the ocean. Once there the bottles have been shown to impact wildlife. Read more

35 Photos of The Exquisite Casa Finisterra by Steven Harris.


Casa Finisterra by Steven Harris

This appealing sanctuary of a home by architect Steve Harris, who recently gave Barneys New York in Beverly Hills a makeover, is nestled in a rocky cliff above Los Cabos. The unusual home takes the natural lighting and the landscape and combines it with design and construction technology to result in a peaceful synthesis that is both inviting and unique. Read more

Some Sweet Marketing – Candy Crush Soda Saga Launches. And What A Launch!


Candy Crush Soda Saga hero alt IIHIH

The latest installment in the phenomenally successful Candy Crush franchise, Candy Crush Soda Saga, has launched worldwide with quite the spectacle. The new video game has been introduced with a fun minute long television commercial (accompanied by Bow Wow Wow’s appropriate 90s hit “I Want Candy”) as well as big events in New York and London hosted by celebrities Molly Sims and Nicole Scherzinger, respectively. Read more

The Veuve Clicquot Re-Creation Awards – Mailbox Edition


8 clicquot mailbox submissions IIHH

Voting is now open for the first Veuve Clicquot Re-Creation Awards. The 2014 Design contest from the French Champagne House asked creatives from nine different countries to take a shot at designing a Veuve Clicquot Mailbox from October 1st to November 15st. The submissions are all in and now you can help choose the winner. Read more

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