New Star Wars Wireless Snow Globe Speakers

star wars wireless snow globe speakers

The officially licensed Lucasfilms Interactive Star Wars Wireless Snow Globe Speakers by imp, a faction of the Japanese electronics company Amadana (アマダナ), are not just beautifully made, but are Bluetooth-enabled and sync with your smartphone or tablet to create a musical “snow powder dance”. Read more

Black Friday Amazon Deals That End Tonight

Black Friday Amazon Deals

Here are a bunch of links to Black Friday Amazon Deals ending tonight at midnight. Get that holiday shopping done today! Read more

Michael Young Designs the Brionvega WEARiT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Brionvega WEARiT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Industrial designer Michael Young and Italian audio brand Brionvega have collaborated to design a stylish, small, wearable and portable bluetooth speaker. Read more

Thanksgiving As Seen Through The Lens Of 25 Eminent Photographers.

Thanksgiving photos by famous photographers

Burt Glinn, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1992

A Thanksgiving feast for the eyes. Today I wanted to share with you fabulous images of Thanksgiving family dinners, turkeys and parades taken by some of the world’s foremost photographers. Read more

Patrón and Lalique Take Tequila To New Heights of Luxury

patron lalique bottle and box

Tequila brand Patrón and Lalique, the historical French crystal maker, have combined their talents for the first time to collaborate on this one-of-a-kind elegant hand blown crystal decanter holding the rarest, oldest blend of Patrón tequila. Packaged in a leather display case with gemstone details, there are only 500 units available globally, priced at $7500 a piece. Read more

Pantone Inspired Smoothies (and the recipes)!

Pantone inspired Smoothies

There have been more Pantone-inspired projects and products than you can possibly image. But here’s one that benefits the tummy as well as the eyes. Read more

Living As A Sith Lord: The Daily Life Of Darth Vader

living as a sith lord

Living life as a Sith Lord is more of a mundane experience than you might have expected as illustrated by these fun photos. Read more

Finally, Star Wars Christmas Ornaments With Design Appeal!

star wars ornaments with design appeal

Although the seventh movie in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has yet to be released, you are probably sick of seeing Star Wars related items. That said, I do have to bring these to your attention because they are the first true, officially licensed Star Wars Christmas Ornaments with an aesthetic that will appeal to the artist or graphic designer. Read more

16 Designer Perpetual Calendars That Are Timeless.

designer perpetual calendars

A selection of beautiful classic designer perpetual calendars created by some of the world’s best known names associated with modern style from Italy, Denmark, Germany and London. Read more

Diffusion, An Experimental 2 Minute Short Worth Watching.

Diffusion by Kouhei Nakama

In this new visual effects short by Kouhei Nakama, he explores what humans might look like if they had textured and patterned skin like animals. Read more

The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun Is 5 Stories of Engaging Education

sustanability treehouse by mithun

The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun architects for the Boy Scouts of America is a five story, 5,805 square foot structure that stands 125 feet high on a 10,000-acre reserve. Read more

Eco-Friendly High-End Living That Floats: Rev House Houseboats.

rev house houseboats

Hard to beat Rev House Houseboats when it comes to living large on the water. These luxurious houseboats crafted in Germany are completely bespoke in every way. The eco-friendly floating paradises feature solar panels, a water filtration system, and a wide array of amenities. Read more