Meet The Policosmos Animal Families and the Pop-Ups They Live In.

policosmos animal families

Together, these beautifully simple animal toys and the cardboard interactive pop-up environments for them are as elegant as they are creative. Read more

Five Mind-Blowing Mosaics By Joe Black

mosaics by joe black

Artist Joe Black uses a laborious technique of assembling hand-painted or altered everyday objects which have a imply meaning within the final image they create. Read more

Rick Owens’ Runway Models Pull Their Weight. And That Of Another.

rick owens 2016 runway show

Oh those poor models!” is not a phrase I have ever used. That is, not until I saw Rick Owens’ Spring /Summer 2016 Cyclops Collection walk down the runway. Read more

Small Discoveries, mischer’traxler Studio for Perrier Jouet

mischer'traxler studio for perrier jouet

Austria’s mischer’traxler studio is the latest to design a special bottle for Perrier Jouet’s Belle Epoque in addition to a special coffret of Blason Rosé cuvée with two champagne flutes and a kinetic installation, Curiosity Cloud, commissioned by the Champagne brand. Read more

It’s A Snow Globe. It’s a Sugar Container. Sugar House is Both.


This is a sweet idea. Combining the winter whimsy of a snow globe with the functionality of a sugar dispenser. Read more

Impressive Creativity Inspired by Hokusai’s The Great Wave

inspired by hokusai's the great wave

Hokusai’s Under The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa, better known simply as ‘The Great Wave‘ is the single most famous Japanese color woodblock print in history. Created in the Edo Period, around 1831, the image has been reproduced millions of times in many forms. Read more

Inside and Out of Marc Koehler’s Dune House

dune house exterio crop 800x800

This is one beautiful beach house. Built using all ‘green’ materials and designed to be highly energy efficient, the modern wood Dune House (not to be confused with this gorgeous home of the same name) has multiple floors that are connected by a central spiraling staircase. Read more

More Designers Dress Snoopy & Belle in Fashion – See All 30 New Ones

designers dress snoopy & belle

The new exhibition entitled “Snoopy and Belle in Fashion presented by MetLife” brings together Snoopy and his sister Belle with the world’s foremost design talent and visionaries. A continuing project since the early 80’s, here are the latest couturiers to dress the Peanut’s icon and his sister. Read more

The Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile Concept by Mercedes-Benz [30 Photos]

Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile Concept by Mercedes-Benz

One look at this 4 door coupe from Mercedes-Benz and you’ll swear the future is here. The “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) exemplifies both the advances in aerodynamic design and the fundamental technological changes which are taking place in the automobile industry. Read more

Socks Specifically Designed for Art Lovers and Film Buffs

chatty feet socks

While there are plenty of fun novelty socks on the market, ChattyFeet has 20 different designers who create their quirky socks for men, women and children. And they stand-out for being well-designed and better-looking than most. Read more

Drink and Draw With Beck’s Scratch Bottle

becks scratch bottle 6

Beck’s Germany has introduced the Scratch Bottle, an aluminum covered bottle on which you can scratch any design, words or art with your fingernail. Read more

Zendaya is Moved by Mattel’s Custom Barbie Doll in Her Likeness

Zendaya Custom Barbie Doll

Mattel, led by designer Carlyle Nuera, has created a one of a kind Zendaya Barbie doll to honor the actress/singer. Read more