Pretty Painted Porcelain Vessels by Heesoo Lee

heesoo lee hero IIHIH

Using porcelain as a three dimensional canvas, South Korean artist Heesoo Lee’s vessels, plates, mugs and vases are decorated with stunning hand-painted trees and flowers. Read more

Pop Go The Masters! Paint-Injected Bubble Wrap Interpretations & Impressions.

bradley hart paint injected bubble wrap hero IIHIH

Classic paintings by Masters such as Georges Seurat, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Grant Wood, Vermeer, Monet and Leonardo da Vinci have been reinterpreted by Canadian artist Bradley Hart, each in two very unusual iterations; as paint-injected bubble wrap versions and the excess acrylic drippings on wood. Read more

A More Affordable SUBWING and Some Accessories to Go With It.


SUBWING, the totally cool water sport product that lets you glide at the water’s surface or beneath it while towed by a boat, has been a big hit since its 2012 introduction. The $895 black glossy carbon SUBWING was a bit pricey for most, but with the introduction of the $490 fiberglass editions and most recently, the new $295 Honeycomb editions, more can join in on the fun! Read more

A Coffee Table, Chalkboard and Ping Pong Table All In One.

mini ping pong table

This coffee table from Huzi Design has a nice simple shape with storage for magazines. But it’s more than just a contemporary coffee table, it also has a chalkboard surface on which to draw and converts quickly and easily into a mini ping pong table for indoor fun. Read more

Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey for Hennessy

The new Hennessy V.S Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey represents the latest in a series of collaborations with internationally renowned artists, including KAWS, Futura, and Os Gemeos. Read more

Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery Will Give You A Sugar High.

Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery

Founded in April of 2013, Shoe Bakery creates dessert-inspired shoes. Cake-like wedges, flats with sprinkles and heels that look like ice cream sundaes or wedding cakes are just a few of their sweet treats for your feet. Read more

The Golden Fleece Windows For Brooks Brothers. Making The Sheep Chandeliers.

Golden Fleece Windows For Brooks Brothers

The RIBA Regent Street Windows Project matches cutting edge RIBA architects with some of London’s most prestigious retailers to create stunning architectural installations in shop windows along and around Regent Street. For the Brooks Brothers store window, Squire and Partners’ were inspired by the preppy brands’ iconic Golden Fleece, the historical symbol of wool merchants and the Brooks Brothers trademark since 1850. Read more

The Ocean Kitchen By Robert Kolenik Eco Chic Design

ocean kitchen kolenik5 IIHIH

Dutch designer Robert Koleik specializes in eco chic.  His Amsterdam-based design firm incorporates nature and environmentally friendly products in their luxurious interior designs. The Ocean kitchen is his latest example of functional design coexisting with living nature. Read more

The Fable Swing is a Chic Version of Grandma’s Ugly Porch Swing.

The fable Swing

The Fable Swing is the first nicely designed porch swing I’ve ever seen. Ordinarily an eyesore on a front porch, deck or lawn, this version from Portugal’s Myface ups the ante. Read more

Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis: A Bottle, Box and Cocoonase By Iris Van Herpen

IVH for DP ganged hero IIHIH copy
cocoonase on black 1 IIHIH

A new creative collaboration with fashion designer Iris Van Herpen for Dom Perignon brings us a specially boxed bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 with a unique label and 2014: Cocoonase, an premium, made-to-order piece of art by the award-winning* fashion designer. Read more

Twenty Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Brooke Shaden.

Self-Portraits of Brooke Shaden

We all like to dream. To imagine ourselves in a different place, at a different time. Where reality is suspended and we can fly, float or escape our mundane lives. Brooke Shaden has done just that by placing herself in surreal worlds in which she wishes she could dwell through her manipulated photographs. Read more

Nike’s Geneology of Innovation: 7 Films, 43 years of history and 200 shoes in under 2 minutes

Nike's Geneology of Innovation

Nike EHQ approached Golden Wolf and asked them to bring their Genealogy of Innovation campaign to life. The films tracks back to Nike’s humble beginnings and takes us on a journey through their key innovative designs across seven, game-changing eras. 7 Films, 43 years of history and 200 shoes, all in under 2 minutes. Read more

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