Nixxi Rose’s Game of Thrones Iron Shoes Are Available To Order

iron throne shoes hero IIHIH

Nixxi Rose, fan of all things goulish, goth and gory, creates wild custom shoes in addition to her accessories, cosmetics and jewelry. Lately, the multi-talented 23 year old designer from the South of England has had her hands full cranking out high heels inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones. Read more

KILLSPENCER Premium Sporting Goods Are More Like Sporting Greats.

KS 24k and black BBall kit IIHIH

Industrial designer Spencer Nikosey (a graduate from my Alma Mater, Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design)  is a self-professed craftsman at heart. What began as a personal project to create the perfect, sustainable, waterproof backpack quickly grew into a full time business that now designs and manufacturers both women’s and men’s luxury leather goods in Silverlake, CA. They carry many fine products, but their selection of beautifully designed boxing, baseball, basketball and other sporting goods combine luxury, style and functionality. Read more

Can You Find The Exploited Child In These Fashion Ads?

Abrinq Foundation Ads

They’re actually not fashion ads at all but an effort to bring the abuse of Child Labor in Brazil to your attention. The Abrinq Foundation (Fundação Abrinq) has launched this print campaign of five ads that, at first glance, look like typical fashion industry advertisements, but upon closer inspection, reveal children “trapped” within the fabric. Read more

Beautiful Bags of Blown Glass by Anne Donzé and Vincent Chagnon.

sac-poisson_2 IIHIH 800px

A collaboration between jewelry and glass designer Anne Donzé and glass artist Vincent Chagnon brings us “Déballe ton sac” (Unpack your bag), a collection of unusual blown glass pieces each of which incorporates their individual talents. Read more

Textile Artist and Costume Designer Collaborate on The Anatomy Chair

The Anatomy Chair

The Anatomy Chair is a recent collaboration between textile artist Pauline Kriel and costume designer Anouk Cazin. Read more

The Return of McD’s Hamburglar – The Way It SHOULD Have been Done.

oghamburglar hero ©IIHIH

It has only recently begun airing, so you may not be familiar with the fact that McDonald’s has resurrected the Hamburglar, a character we haven’t seen since 2002, as the fast-food chain’s latest Mascot hawking their new sirloin burger. Read more

Finally A Folding Chair You Can Be Proud To Bring Out Of The Closet.

Wooden Folding Chair by David Irwin 14 ICFF 2015 IIHIH

Industrial designer David Irwin has re-imaged the ordinarily utilitarian and tacky folding chair as an elegant, contemporary wooden version as part of the Tools for Everyday Life. Read more

Memory Suitcases: Images of The Past Imprinted On Icons of Displacement.

yuval yairi suitcase cropped IIHIH

Israeli artist Yuval Yairi has a beautiful series of old suitcases upon which he has printed photographs that represent personal or shared memories. Read more

Furniture With Maps Of Imaginary Cities by Josep Cerda


“Paisajes de la memoria (Landscape of the memory)” by Josep Cerdá is a collection of furniture designed for Barcelona’s handmade and custom furniture design company, Ici et La. The Sculptural tabletops on sideboards, coffee tables and dining tables feature maps of imaginary cities crafted of resin and cement. The pieces remind me of the opening sequence of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Read more

The First Official Aston Martin On Water – The AM37 Power Speedboat.

Aston Martin AM37 speedboat IIHIH

Quintessence Yachts has unveiled the first details of an exciting association with famous luxury British sports car maker Aston Martin which will result in the creation of a unique series of stunning new powerboats said to launch in September of this year. Read more

12 Amazing Non-Moms Who Make Me Feel Better About Being Childless on Mother’s Day.

famous childless women

There’s nothing worse than being single on New Year’s Eve, unless of course, you are childless on Mother’s Day. For those of us who do not have children of our own on this holiday, the media saturated imagery of little ones bringing mommy breakfast in bed (usually with handsome daddy’s help) or adorable freckled faces without front teeth presenting crudely drawn crayon renderings of happy families can be torture. Read more

The BETTELUX Shape, a New Collection of Steel Framed Enamel Tubs and Sinks

bettelux shape collection

The BETTELUX Shape collection is a new line of free-standing baths, washbasins and accessories set within colored open steel frames designed for Germany’s BETTE. Read more

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