Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

In May of 2014, I introduced you to the very cool hand-painted paddles of Norquay Co. Now, working on a bigger canvas, they’ve collaborated with abitibi & Co. canoes of Canada. Read more

The 10 Most Inspirational Halloween Makeup Artists On Instagram. [67 photos]

inspirational Halloween makeup artists on instagram

Thanks to social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, I have been enlightened as to the number of talented makeup artists out there. With All Hallows Eve lurking around the corner, check out these ten Instagrammers and get inspired by the goulishly gorgeous Halloween Makeups they create. Read more

Drone Captures Northern California’s Napa Valley and San Francisco From Above

Napa valley and San francisco from above

If you didn’t want to move to Northern California before, this aerial footage of one of the world’s most beautiful areas, may change that. Read more

Reversed Volume Bowls by mischer’traxler studio.

reversed volume bowls

The Reversed Volume bowls designed by mischer’traxler are fun, food-safe, colored resin bowls created by taking the imprint of fruits and vegetables. Read more

Darth Disco Ball Tutorial (That’s Easier Than Justin Poulsen’s).

Darth Disco Ball Tutorial

Featured on Bored Panda today was a fabulous homemade Darth Vader Disco ball by Justin Poulsen that’s getting lots of buzz. As he described the process, I realized he had some costly and laborious steps, so I wanted to share with you an easier way to make your own version, with links to all the needed materials. Read more

More Malkovich Photo Recreations by Sandro Miller

Malkovich Photo Recreations by Sandro Miller

A little over a year ago I shared with you twenty-three  images by Sandro Miller starring actor John Malkovich recreating famous portraits by some of the world’s greatest photographers. At that time, the project was still ongoing. Here are eleven more you might not have seen. Read more

Previously Owned By A Gay Man Puts A Tasteful Spin On Consignment Stores.

Previously Owned By A Gay Man Consignment Store

There’s a widely held belief that gay men have impeccable taste when it comes to art, furniture, style and decor. Whether you find that true or not, there’s an online consignment boutique perpetuating that very stereotype – much to the benefit of everyone. Read more

What The Endeavour Space Shuttle Looks Like From The Inside.

Space Shuttle Endeavour interior

Most of us have seen space shuttles. From the outside. But US Space Program photographer Ben Cooper gets to see them from a different angle. Thanks to him, you can, too. These rare photos of the flight deck (or cockpit to us laymen) of the Space Shuttle Endeavour are nothing short of mesmerizing. Read more

Vladimir Putin Becomes A New Kind of Speaker

St. Vladimir Speaker

Russia’s President puts his power to good use in St. Vladimir, the first in a new series of audio speakers from Sound of Power. Read more

Meet The Policosmos Animal Families and the Pop-Ups They Live In.

policosmos animal families

Together, these beautifully simple animal toys and the cardboard interactive pop-up environments for them are as elegant as they are creative. Read more

Five Mind-Blowing Mosaics By Joe Black

mosaics by joe black

Artist Joe Black uses a laborious technique of assembling hand-painted or altered everyday objects which have a imply meaning within the final image they create. Read more

Rick Owens’ Runway Models Pull Their Weight. And That Of Another.

rick owens 2016 runway show

Oh those poor models!” is not a phrase I have ever used. That is, not until I saw Rick Owens’ Spring /Summer 2016 Cyclops Collection walk down the runway. Read more