The Reinast $4200 Titanium Toothbrush. Yep, I said $4200 Toothbrush.


reinast toothbrush hero IIHIH

What could possibly make a toothbrush cost more than a decade of dental insurance premiums? The Reinast is a German precision-engineered, full titanium body toothbrush that claims to have unparalleled durable strength and biocompatability.* Its lightweight, ergonomic design has an antibacterial coating applied to the most critical point, the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. Although the exorbitant price does not include a Dental Hygienist, included are five new bristle heads sent to you every six months.) Read more

Something Wicked This Way Rolls. 12 Creepy Bowling Balls.


Creepy Bowling Balls

Given the spooky time of year, I was thinking about the beautifully designed zombie head  13th Street bowling balls by illustrator Oliver Paass for ad agency Jung von Matt 2011 TV promotion for German Horror Channel 13th Street. This got me wondering about frightening-looking bowling balls and which, if any, were available to buy. Read more

Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers – 3 Tales Of Things That Go Bump In The Night.


brent sims grave shivers2 IIHIH

A dark legend tells of a mysterious book with no identifiable author, the only thing known of its contents, its subject matter, is that it has magical… endless pages that contain stories of horror, wonder, and dread. Read more

Holographic Fairies Caught In Jam Jars Are Musically Magical Video Sculptures.


jam jar fairy hero IIHIH

What could be prettier than fireflies in a jam jar? How about fairies? Originally developed for the Royal Shakespeare Company as an art and sound installation, Jam Jar Fairies were 8 holographic fairies captured in jars who, by knocking on the glass, create a polyphonic musical composition.

The spectacular sprites have since been developed as individual video sculptures and are now available for purchase. Read more

Totally Trippy Christmas Trees For The Holidays.


Trippy Christmas tree

Want to funk up Christmas a bit this year? Perhaps you’re tired of the rustic or real Christmas tree or bored with the politically correct wooden Christmas Tree.  In which case, I say shun tradition and do it up with one of these totally trippy Christmas trees. Read more

Marco Brambilla Serves Up A Film Lovers Last Supper On Porcelain.


brambilla last supper messiahs IIHIH

Oh, how I’d love to set my table with these plates. The Last Supper (Megaplex) by videographer and artist Marco Brambilla is a set of Bernardaud Limoges porcelain dinner plates that put a pop culture spin on The Last Supper. The Messiah from Da Vinci’s classic fresco has been replaced in the scenes that decorate the borders with characters from cult films. Read more

Chic Little Prefab Rental Home Near Joshua Tree Is A Hip Hideaway.


Rock Reach House

Looking for a hip, remote and romantic place to stay? The Rock Reach House, a prefab home built by Blue Sky Systems along with Architect Lance O’Donnell of o2 Architecture is the perfect desert hideaway. The 1000 sq foot home, located in Yucca Valley near Joshua Tree National Park, took only 8 weeks to build and is now a very chic little vacation rental. Read more

These Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner Are Incredibly Lifelike. Until You See Their Size.


paper flowers by tiffanie turner

The artistry of crafting flowers out of paper has become very popular as of late. They make great decorations for weddings, set design, parties, centerpieces, gift wrapping embellishments, fashion accessories, photo shoots or to simply display as a paper sculpture. There are several really talented ones out there. But the paper flowers created by San Francisco based artist, architect and mother Tiffanie Turner will truly blow your mind. Read more

We All Prefer Diamonds – When Packaged Like These Papelaria Memo Pads.


Papelaria Diamond Note Pads

It’s all about the packaging when it comes to these Papelaria Diamond Note Pads. Gem shaped and embossed pads made of the finest paper from the Brazil based company come in boxes printed with proof that women  (and men) prefer diamonds.  Three fun options. Read more

Gorgeous Side Show Portraits by Artists Ransom & Mitchell


ransom & Mitchell sideshow art hero IIHIH

San Francisco artists Ransom & Mitchell blend photography, digital painting and 3D CG to produce portraits of sideshow acts seen in traveling Carnivals from long ago. Read more

Hand-Painted Wooden Artist Mannequins As Famous Personalities and Characters.


art duritos hand painted dolls IIHIH

Plain wooden articulated dolls, used for the study of art and the human form, are transformed into Artists, Pop Stars, Super Heroes, Movie Directors and more by Argentina’s Art Duritos. Read more

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