Ben Johnson’s Startlingly Realistic Architecture Paintings

Realistic Architecture Paintings
Patio de los Arrayanes, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 220 x 220 cm

Artist Ben Johnson has been painting for 50+ years. He is best known for his realistic-looking,  large scale cityscapes and architectural paintings, some of which have taken multiple years to complete. Read more

The Evolution of Sonic The Hedgehog Over 25 Years

Yep, it’s been 25 years since SEGA introduced Sonic the Hedgehog. The icon blue blur has become one of the most enduring video game and mascots of all time. Check out the evolution of the mascot as he evolves from an 8-bit character in 1991 to the three-dimensional computer generated character he is today.  Read more

Designer Absolut Mix Bottle Auction Benefits LGBT Community

Absolut, in collaboration with Stonewall, has enlisted 12 artists and designers to create one-off bespoke versions of their limited edition bottle – Absolut Mix, a colorful design inspired by the six colors of the LGBT Pride flag. The one of a kind bottle designs are being auctioned off in honor of London Pride 2016 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to support the UK’s leading LGBT equality charity Stonewall. Read more

A New Look for LOFT Hemp-Infused Herb Tonics.

In a new partnership with conscious products collective BeyondBrands, the former Williamsburg, Brooklyn based hemp-infused beverage brand LOFT Tea Collective has been renamed, repackaged and relaunched as LOFT Herb-Infused Hemp Tonics. Read more

Stunning Watercolors With Real Flowers by Limzy.

Lim Zhi Wei, aka Limzy, combines her talents as a watercolorist and fashion illustrator with fresh flowers to result in ethereal, delicate and romantic imagery. Read more

Original Army Jerrycans Repurposed As Bar and Bathroom Cabinets

Original British Army Jerrycans from World War II turned into functional wall mounted bar and bathroom / medicine cabinets. Read more

Never Thought Of Snails As Pretty Until I Saw These.

Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna

The Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna may actually make you think twice about stepping on the little slimy creatures. The nature photographer shoots pictures of snails in Poland. Her style and lighting makes these terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs take on the charm and beauty of a woodland creature. Read more

Meet Bodypainter Johannes Stötter

bodypainter Johannes Stotter

With many awards and titles to his name, bodypainter Johannes Stötter is well known in the world of body art. An instructor at the World Bodypainting Academy, Johannes’ animals made up of multiple humans are but a small part of his work. Read more