Geek Decor: The Millenium Falcon or The USS Enterprise Area Rug.

star wars and star trek area rugs

Star Wars and Star Trek Area Rugs. Two futuristic forms of transport are now available as floor coverings. You can choose to geek out with either The Official Star Wars Millenium Falcon Rug or the Star Trek USS Enterprise Rug. Or if you’re super geeky, both. The cozy plush pile rugs of polyester are selling at at warp speed, so get yours now. Read more

12 Months of Bearded Fun – 2015 Calendar by Stephanie Jarstad.

A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar

The A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar is a personal project by photographer Stephanie Jarstad. Inspired as she stood in line at a Seattle Starbucks surrounded by hairy chins and Mochaccinos, she decided to try shooting 12 fun beards to represent each month while working in Utah on another project. The 12 month calendar, which is available for purchase, was created to raise awareness for Movember to support men’s health. Read more

Playing In A Real Life Pac Man Game for Bud Light.

Real Life Pac Man Game for Bud Light

Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to play in a real life-sized Pac Man game? That “Old School Arcade Nostalgia” is exactly what this 2015 Super Bowl spot, Coin, for Bud Light is capitalizing upon. The 90 second commercial to air on the Championship Game by Energy BBDO continues Anheuser-Busch’s #UpForWhatever ad campaign by turning a Bar-goer, who is ‘up for whatever’ into a real life Pac Man. Wocka Wocka Wocka. Read more

The Limited Edition Pininfarina Fuoriserie Bike With Electric Engine.

pininfarina bike hero alt IIHIH

A tailor-made bike designed by Pininfarina and realized by 43 Milano. The name – referring to the custom-built high-performance exclusive cars – the Pininfarina Fuoriserie is a custom limited edition bike with unique features. Read more

Sweden’s Harsh Winters Co-Star In 4 Minute TV Ad: Volvo Vintersaga

Volvo Vintersaga

The longest TV ad to ever run in Sweden, this four minute spot for Volvo, shot by director Gustav Johansson, recently aired on Swedish TV. Set to the title track “Vintersaga,” performed by Swedish singer/songwriter Amanda Bergman, the film comprises vignettes of Swedish people and scenery in Winter, interconnected by a sturdy Volvo making its way through the landscape. Read more

Angular Made Awesome: Krakow’s Edge House by Mobius Architecture.

Edge House by Mobius Architecture

The angular Edge House in Krakow is a contemporary 9,150 square foot urban home designed to sit within the rocky terrain, where the local law requires traditional form. All houses in this location must have pitched roofs with eaves and 37-degree slopes. Read more

From Turtles To Terriers, 3D Printed Likenesses Of Your Pet.

3D Printed Likenesses Of Your Pet

We all love our pets, whether they are lizards or labs. Each is unique to us, their expression, the way they sit, their favorite toy or embarrassing outfit. Now there’s a company that will capture an impressive likeness of your non-human child in a color 3D printed model made of a sandstone-gypsum specialty blend. Read more

The Hello House by OOF! Architecture

hello house hero IIHIH

The Hello House by OOF! Architecture is a cozy little habitat in Melbourne with a friendly facade that spells out “hello” in white brick. Read more

SNL’s Brilliant Parody and the Real Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads.

SNL bieber calvin klein parody hero IIHIH

If you are unaware that global superstar and man-child Justin Bieber (along with supermodel Lara Stone) is starring in Calvin Klein’s newest underwear campaign, you’d have to have avoided all news and media for the past week. The black and white tv and print ads have been the center of some controversy* given the alleged digital enhancing of The Biebs. Now Saturday Night Live mocks them in this hilarious set of spoofs starring Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. Read more

This Latest Innovative Print Ad for Glacial Beer Will Leave You Cold.

Innovative Print Ad for Glacial Beer

We’ve seen an annual report you have to cook to read, moving magazine covers from TIME and Wallpaper, a BBQ Bible that functions as a cutting board and more, the first interactive print ad and now, a print ad that when soaked in water, can be wrapped around a beer, popped in the freezer and it will chill in half the usual time.¬† Read more

The Bronze Age Collection. Beautiful Chairs of Molten Metal By Tjep.

The Bronze Age Collection by Tjep Three stunningly hand-crafted chairs by designer Frank Tjepkema look ‘light’ because of their unique design, yet are strong, durable and elegant pieces cast of melted bronze. The chairs, which are available for purchase, will also be part of an upcoming collaborative presentation from MEET MY PROJECT and Christofle of Paris. Read more

A Peek At The New Harry Potter Illustrations by Jim Kay

New Harry Potter Illustrations

A fully illustrated version of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is set to be released in October 2015. A handful of illustrations from award-winning UK illustrator Jim Kay, who has been tapped to illustrate the books,¬†have just been made public. Read more

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