Ethiopian Photographer Aida Muluneh: The World is 9

Aida Muluneh: The World is 9
Aida Muluneh, City Life, edition of 7, 80cm x 80cm

Ethiopian Photographer Aida Muluneh’s The World is 9 was her first solo exhibition with David Krut Projects. Consisting of 28 photographs, the show’s title comes from an expression that Muluneh’s grandmother had frequently used: “the world is 9, it is never complete and never perfect.” Read more

The Wild White Aluminum Wave House by Mario Romano in Venice, CA.

Venice, California has been undergoing a resurrection since I first moved to LA over 28 years ago. Whereas the area was an artsy enclave with its Gehry homes and modernist architecture in the 70s and 80’s, it fell into disrepair and became a relatively scummy and unsafe beach side community in the 90’s and early 2000s. However, since then it has become one of the most expensive and desirable areas in which to live. And like it or not (and several do not) Mario Romano’s $6.5 million dollar Wave House is an example of some of the city’s outrageous new homes. Read more

Petros Vrellis Knitted Portraits Inspired by El Greco

Greek artist Petros Vrellis has created portraits inspired by Spanish artist El Greco using one continuous black thread on a round 28″ diameter loom. Read more

35 Brilliant Pop Culture Art Puns from Hanksy

The artist known as Hansky must have a blast. Everything he creates, including his moniker, mocks the world of celebrity and art. Actors, musicians, athletes and politicians are combined with pop culture and rendered in his street art to result in that lowest rung of comedy, the pun. And like several puns, they’re so bad, they’re good. Read more

A Cloud-Shaped Addition Hips Up A 100 Year Old Home

the cloud house

From the curb, you’d never know this old-looking home in Australia’s Fitzroy North has a whimsical cloud shaped backside clad in aluminum and lined with wood. But it does. And here’s how architects McBride Charles Ryan did it. Read more

An Interactive Art Exhibit For Dogs Promotes Pet Health.

More Than Pet Insurance, as part of their #PlayMore campaign, commissioned renowned British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox to create an interactive Art Exhibit specifically for dogs. Read more

Galanter & Jones Heated Outdoor Furniture Is the First

Galanter & Jones Design The First Outdoor Heated Furniture

Designed and handmade in California, the heated outdoor furniture collection from San Francisco-based brother and sister owned Galanter & Jones is the first of its kind. The modern seating options, available in many different color and frame combinations, are plug-in ready. Read more

INDECLINE Grosses Out 5 Cities With Naked Trump Statues

INDECLINE Naked Trump Statues

Anarchist collective INDECLINE has created five repulsive statues depicting Donald Trump entirely in the buff for a project named “The Emperor has No Balls.” The life sized statues have been placed  in five U.S. cities: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle, but some have already being removed as I write this. Read more