Calma e Gesso Adds Elegance To Billiard and Ping Pong Tables

calma e gesso billiard and ping pong tables

Gregg Brodarick of the B<D> Collection teamed up with Adriano Design of Italy to create the perfect duet of Italian style and technological innovation with Calma e Gesso, a brand that creates and manufactures elegant and unique game tables for billiards and table tennis. Read more

Stunning Kentfield Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Kentfield Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Designed by San Francisco based Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, this private residence in Kentfield combines style with a sensitivity to the environment. Read more

The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream

The Limited Edition Pendleton Airstream

The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream is a collaborative effort between two of America’s most established brands. The Pendleton lifestyle brand, best known for their Plaid, Striped and American Indian-inspired wool products teamed up with Airstream to design the new trailer in honor of the National Parks Foundation Centennial. Read more

Links To All The 2016 Super Bowl Ads (and All The Rings To Date)

links to all the 2016 super bowl ads

This is the first year I will not be posting about Super Bowl ads because just about everyone else does and it’s so easy to find the ads, to watch them and to learn about them. Instead I will provide you with the best links to watch, follow live and read about all the commercials on the Big Game. And, to top it off, a little Super Bowl bling. Read more

3D Printed Coffee Table by Model Maker Was Inspired by Inception.

Wave City Coffee Table

The Wave City Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris is an eye-catching piece of furniture inspired by the film Inception‘s bending cityscape. Read more

Carol Lim Designs Limited Edition Chandon Rosé

carol lim for chandon

Renowned American fashion designer and co-founder of Opening Ceremony, Carol Lim, has designed a fun Limited Edition Chandon Rosé bottle using a version of the “Girl Talk” print from the fashionable boutique’s own label. Read more

Inspiring Wine Cellars In Private Homes

inspiring wine cellars

A look at ten inspiring wine cellars in private homes by various architects and interior designers. Read more

Magic Leap Is Just That… Magic.

Magic Leap Technology

You may have seen this jaw-dropping clip around the internet and wondered who created this seamless piece of impressive augmented reality. The answer is a startup named Magic Leap who’s got the tech world buzzing. Read more

Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Scout


Meet Scout. Scout has a talent that has led to his own book. With an uncanny ability to balance just about anything on his head, the rescued pitbull has proven that patience and posing have their own rewards. Read more

Vivino’s 2016 Guide To Pairing Girl Scout Cookies With Wine.

pairing girl scout cookies with wine

Thanks to Vivino, those of us who covet the time of year when Girl Scout Cookies abound, now have something with which to wash them down. Read more

Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Stinky Linky the Frenchie

stinky linky the frenchie

Say hello to Stinky Linky The Frenchie as we wind down the multi-part series of dogs worth following on Instagram. He’s the newest member of the bunch having made his presence known with a video that went viral. Brand new to cyberspace, this tiny puppy has been making some big news. Read more

The Outpost by Studio Jones Is 4,000 Square Feet of Desert Paradise

The Outpost by Studio Jones

Architect Eddie Jones and his “family”, Jones Studio, Inc, are known for their beautiful commercial and residential residences predominantly in America’s Southwest. The Outpost, a private residence in Arizona’s Paradise Valley, is a collection of rectangular pods designed to selectively use energy while visually relating to the surrounding landscape. Read more