Meet The 14 Year Old Who Built A LEGO Model of Manhattan

Freestyle LEGO build of Manhattan

This past week, as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed reading about Trump’s lies, police brutality, Covid-19 death tolls, heatwaves, wildfires and hurricanes – I was stopped by a video of a remarkable semblance of LEGO bricks built to emulate the entire island of Manhattan. I was blown away. Given that I’m familiar with most available LEGO products I knew it was – as the brick builders call them – a freestyle build. Meaning it’s not from a kit, there are no directions and it is built entirely from one’s imagination using LEGO bricks. Read more

LEGO Launches Art Kits for Adults With Soundtracks To De-Stress

Lego Art Kits for Adults

If you’re over coloring books, yoga or jigsaw puzzles, the latest new product category from LEGO for adults may be just the perfect new mindful endeavor. A series of Art Building Kits designed as an immersive experience for those with a passion for arts, crafts, music and pop culture. Touted as new way to relieve stress and relax, each LEGO Art Kit includes a soundtrack to really lose yourself in the project. Read more

The LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Has Arrived

Finally, an Aston Martin I can afford. Capturing the timeless sophistication and elegance of Bond, James Bond that is, this new detailed model of his Aston Martin DB5 created by LEGO comes complete with all the Q-approved gadgets you would expect from Agent 007’s favorite car. Read more

Santa’s Workshop Made of 700,000 LEGO Bricks

For the past several years, the piazza in London’s Covent Garden has featured an annual LEGO Christmas build by Duncan Titmarsh and Bright Bricks. This year, it’s a life-sized Santa and his workshop, complete with Merry Elves. Read more

LEGO Launches First Disabled Figure Thanks To Toy Like Me

LEGO launches first disabled figure

Kudos to LEGO for being the first toymaker to positively respond to Rebecca Atkinson’s call to celebrate disabled kids worldwide by encouraging the toy industry and children’s TV to better culturally represent the 150 million disabled kids worldwide. Read more

Great Goodies For A Geek Easter.

Vader Geek Easter Basket w border © IIHIH

Got a geek in your life who’d love a hip Easter Basket? Filled with pop culture, sci-fi, comic and  artsy Easter goodies? From Lego to Star Wars and Labbits to Rabbids,  I’ve got the best items for a great geek Easter right here. Read more

A New Book Exposes The Dark Side of LEGO. And It’s Beautiful.

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark is a follow up to last year’s popular book Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle. This newly published hardcover book features Gothic, Mecha, Beastly and many other darker incarnations of miniature sculptures, all made with LEGO bricks. Read more

LEGO MINI Cooper Mark VII, A Replica Vintage Classic Mini in 1077 pieces.


The latest addition to the LEGO Creator Expert series is this official replica of the Mini Cooper Mark VII in British Racing Green. The 1077-piece kit features Mini design icons such as a white roof, white wing mirrors, bonnet stripes, a 4-cylinder engine and a functional boot full of surprises. Read more