An American Mexican Border Wall Made of Cheese

That’s right, a quarter mile long wall constructed of chunks of hard cheese is being built and installed along The US- Mexican Border by artist Cosimo Cavallaro and supported by public art foundation, Art Above Ground.

The Cheese Wall

the cheese wall

Artist Cosimo Cavallaro, an immigrant himself who has a long history of working with perishables (we showed you his giant chocolate Jesus in our post about chocolate sculpture here), is building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border made entirely of Cotija cheese. He is currently seeking donations for his what he says is the biggest art project of his life through Go Fund Me.

The art installation, which began construction on March 25th, was initially intended to be only 6-feet tall and 25-feet long. However, the project has since grown – literally and figuratively- and they are now hoping to secure funding to complete a 1000 foot long wall.

“I don’t like walls. So this is a wall that I can handle, this is a wall I can live with, because this wall is a perishable, it will not last. The cheese is spoiled. It just means that for the regulations it’s not to be consumed.” – Cosimo

He was inspired to start the Cheese Wall because of the political environment we are living in today. He believes all people – whether they are on this side of the U.S.-Mexico border or the other- are the same. Cosimo also recognizes that at some point, we all feel like outsiders, so in some way, we can all feel like we’re on the other side of “the wall”.

“If it takes a Cheese Wall at the border to make people look at the “wall” in a different way, that’s what I’ll do.” – Cosimo Cavallaro

The blocks are made from spoiled milk, but are still expensive to fabricate. Each block is individually made out of hard cheese and costs a hundred bucks. He needs your help to complete the 1/4 mile wall.

Learn more and/or donate at Go Fund Me

You can also support the wall/ art project by shopping the fun merchandise at Cosmo’s Cheese Factory:

Great tees, sweatshirts mugs and other merchandise to help support the project can be purchased here and at

Cheese Wall