Wally Refines The WHY Superyacht & Unveils New Smaller Version

WHY Superyacht
above: the newly refined design of the original Wally WHY Superyacht

Remember the incredibly buzz-worthy WHY Yacht by Wally in collaboration with luxury brand Hermes? The cgi images and video of the modern sustainable superyacht were on almost every luxury and design site in 2009 and the drool-worthy vessel made just about everyone’s dream wish list. Well, it’s been almost a year since the spectacular modern luxury superyacht received enormous press coverage, so what’s happened since then? Read more

Hermès Collaborates With Wally: A Bugatti, A Helicopter, Now A Superyacht.

hermes wally why

Well, they’ve already created a luxury automobile and a helicopter (the Bugatti Veyron and the Eurocopter 135 shown above), so I guess a luxury superyacht was next on the list. Note: they actually sell an Hermès $4000.00 bicycle, too. Read more

The Wally Power 118 Superyacht: The Best Excuse I Can Think Of To Marry For Money

wally power 118

I really couldn’t have cared less about yachts until I saw this one. The Wally Power 118. So amazingly designed, inside and out, it’s become the object of my yearning. (now with updated photos) Read more