12 Staircases To Die For – If They Don’t Kill You First

It makes perfect sense that there’s been an increase in minimalist and modern staircase designs given the rising number of modern architecture in the past two decades. Unlike the staircases with which most of us grew up, most of these staircases are made without risers and even without railings, making ascending or descending them a potential nightmare for anyone with a fear of heights, motion sickness, poor eyesight, vertigo, an inner ear infection, one cocktail too many or simply lacking coordination. Given that, we thought it’d be fun to share with you some of the most perilous. Read more

Modern Residence By Thomas Laurens de Bakker Centers Around Unusual Staircase.

Thomas Laurens de Bakker is an Amsterdam based designer with great knowledge of production techniques and building materials. He has been running multifaceted design and building projects since 2000 under the name Thomas Laurens. Read more