Artists Jaime Wardey and Andy Moss Remember Normandy For Peace One Day.

the fallen 9000

To Celebrate Peace One Day on the 21st of September, British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss (both from Sand In Your Eye) accompanied by numerous volunteers, took to the beaches of Normandy with rakes and stencils in hand to etch thousands of silhouettes representing fallen people into the sand. Read more

Prada Marfa, A Full Scale Replica of a Prada Boutique In Texas: Art or Advertisement?

all about Prada Marfa
above: A permanent art installation, PRADA MARFA, is under fire by the Texas Department of Transportation who has officially classified the structure as an illegal outdoor advertisement. (photo by Casey McCallister)

Perhaps you’ve heard of Prada Marfa, or at least have seen photos of it. But what exactly is it? Read on to learn all about Prada Marfa. Its history, its venue, why it exists and how you can help save it. Meet some of the talented people who have admired it, exploited it, mocked it and, of course, photographed it. Read more

Bartek Elsner Gets Crafty With Cardboard.

Bartek Elsner Cardboard Sculptures

A look at Berlin based art director/designer/artist Bartek Elsner’s series of paper and cardboard sculptures. Read more

Urban Lace. The Softer Side of Street Art by Poland Artist NeSpoon.

NeSpoon, an artist from Warsaw, Poland works in several different mediums such as spray paint, concrete, macramé and ceramics, but almost always incorporates a lace pattern in her projects. She explains “What interests me in art is the expression of positive emotions. On the sensual level “Thoughts” are a study of delicacy.Read more

Neon Valentines By Tracey Emin Take Over New York’s Times Square.

Neon Valentines by Tracey Emin

Not only does this public art installation in New York’s Times Square add some colorful romance to the city, but by snapping a pic of yourself among it and sharing it, you get a chance to win a digital limited edition by Tracey Emin, and that’s something to set one’s heart a-flutter.

Neon Valentines by Tracey Emin
Neon Valentines by Tracey Emin

The installation, “I Promise To Love You”
s[edition], the online platform for the world’s most renowned contemporary artists to sell their digital limited editions, brings celebrated British artist Tracey Emin to Times Square throughout February.

tracey emin neon art in times squareabove: Tracey Emin: I Promise to Love You © Tracey Emin, Photograph by Ka-Man Tse, 2013.

Every year I send valentines. This year I won’t have to. Times Square will do it for me,” said Tracey Emin. The title is her promise to love NYC, as well as individual promises to love one another.

artist Tracey Eminabove: artist Tracey Emin

The artwork, a dazzling visual valentine, will be shared with New Yorkers and visitors as part of a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital displays in Times Square.

“I Promise to Love You”, premiered on February 1st and plays throughout the month as part of the “Midnight Moment”, a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. s[edition] helped bring these works to Times Square and they will all be available for sale simultaneously and exclusively at [s]edition.

February “Midnight Moment” features these neon works by Tracey Emin throughout February 2013, every night from 11.57pm – midnight:
Tracey Emin, I promise to love you, 2007above: I promise to love you, 2007
Tracey Emin, Love is what you want, 2011above: Love is what you want, 2011
Tracey Emin, I listen to the ocean and all I hear is you, 2011above: I listen to the ocean and all I hear is you, 2011
TRacey Emin, When I held you I held your heart, 2012above: When I held you I held your heart, 2012
Tracey Emin, can't believe how much (how much) I loved you, 2012above: can’t believe how much (how much) I loved you, 2012
Tracey Emin, You touch my soul, 2012above: You touch my soul, 2012

Get in on the romance and show them your love!
Join Tracey Emin’s Digital Valentines in Times Square, Just Snap + tag + share your photo and they’ll give you a digital limited edition by artist Tracey Emin.

tracey Emin Midnight Momentabove image composited by If It’s Hip, It’s Here using images from the midnight moment gallery and sedition’s site.

• Snap a passionate photo in Times Square between 11:57pm and midnight with Tracey Emin’s art in the background
• Tweet or Instagram your photo with #MidnightMoment
• Follow @seditionart
• Win a Tracey Emin digital limited edition

Images of the installation in Time Square:
artist Tracey Emin takes over Times Square with neon artartist Tracey Emin takes over Times Square with neon artTimes Square Tracey Emin neon heart artTimes Square Tracey Emin artall images courtesy of

Galleries that represent Tracey Emin:
White Cube
48 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB

Lehmann Maupin
540 West 26th Street
New York

Galleria Lorcan O’Neill
ROMA 00165

Incredible – and Enormous – Public Portraits by Hendrik Beikirch.

public portraits by hendrik beikirch

Murals and Public Portraits by street artist Hendrik Beikirch. Artist Hendrik Beikrich (aka ecb) is a portrait painter and a muralist 
who first worked as freelance artist in Koblenz, Germany. From 1996 through 2000 he studied art education at university of Koblenz-Landau. It was 
in 1989 that he created his first painting using a spray can
 instead of a brush and he was hooked. Read more

Portugese Artist Dalila Gonçalves Melds Her Native Country’s Tiles With Boulders

Dalila Gonclaves Kneaded Memory

In Blankenberge Square, “Kneaded Memory” by Portugese artist Dalila Gonçalves is an outdoor sculpture garden of concrete-cast boulders partially covered with decorative Portugese “azulejos” tiles. Read more

The Rock Has Landed. Levitated Mass, A 340 Ton Boulder by Michael Heizer, Hits LACMA.

Levitated Mass at LACMA

Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer, considered one of the last great ‘land artists’, is composed of a 456-foot-long slot constructed on LACMA‘s campus, over which is placed a 340-ton granite megalith. At 340 tons, the boulder is one of the largest megaliths moved since ancient times. Read more