Miley Mocks Herself (And The Government). See The Whole Funny SNL Music Video.

miley cyrus we did stop SNL Video on if it's hip, it's here

In case you missed it – whether on purpose or by accident, Miley Cyrus’ hosting gig on SNL certainly had its moments, the best of which was when Miley and the cast parodied her own song, “We Can’t Stop” by giving it a political twist. Read more

Etch-A-Sketch Makes News. And Art. And Now, A New Ad Campaign.

etch-a-sketch art

Yes, Etch A Sketch has recently been all over the news as a result of what some are calling a political ‘scandal’ or a ‘gaffe’ when an aide for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney compared it with Romney’s fall election strategy (see video below). Read more