When Jackie Kennedy Dressed As a Black Ghost For Halloween

Jean Kennedy Smith, Steve Smith, Jr., Caroline Kennedy, and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy pose in Halloween costumes with President John F. Kennedy at the White House, 1962

It was while doing research for yesterday’s post about White House Halloween decorations throughout history that I came upon what has got to be the strangest Halloween costume ever worn by a First Lady. Make that the strangest Halloween costume ever worn by any inhabitant of the White House. Read more

A History of Televised Presidential Debates & Memorable Moments

history of presidential debates

Tonight is the 2016 Presidential debate between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. It’s one that I’m certain most of the world will be watching. At least they ought to. That said, here’s a look at key moments and summaries of all the televised Presidential Debates since the first aired in 1960. Read more