Minimalist Modern Unisex Axcent Pocket Watch from People Products

axcent pocket watch from people products

People products has launched their first watch, a minimalist and modern pocket watch for men or women. The lightweight, sleek stainless steel watch is available in classic bronze or contemporary dark grey with a chain or leather strap so it can be worn around the neck or as a traditional pocket watch. Read more

URWERK Unveils One Big Ass Wristwatch, The UR-1001 Titan.


URWERK has unveiled their ginormous wristwatch with the release of the UR-1001 Titan. Debuting at 2015 Basel World, the “TITAN” is so named because of its imposing and enormous titanium case which is as superlative as the complications within. Read more

Marvelous Modern Wooden Pocket Watches. Introducing Memento Timepieces.

memento pocket watches

The concept of the pocket watch goes waaaay back. But bringing it a modern look and feel (and an affordable price) is Memento Watches of Hong Kong. Memento is a delicate timepiece housed into an elegant wooden shell of sandal wood or maple wood, giving each single watch a distinctive texture and pattern. Read more