Casualties of War Toy Soldiers: Provocative and Compelling Edition of Miniatures.

Dorothy-Casualties-of-War-Toy-Soldiers hero IIHIH

Casualties of War Toy Soldiers are provocative miniatures created by Dorothy for a Colorado Springs Gazette article entitled “Casualties of War” and are now available for purchase. Read more

UPCYCLING: Stunning Bowls Made From Plastic Water Bottles.

plastic bowls made from water bottles

Artist Gülnur Özdağlar creates elegant and unusual looking bowls transformed from PET bottles. She calls this process “upcycling”. Her aim is to substitute with labor and artistic value the characteristics that the material loses during transformation, thereby obtaining a product of higher value. The collection is named Tertium Non Data (translated from Latin means: the third is not given) and is an alchemic term which refers to the process of combining two disparate elements to create a new, third element. Read more