A Worldly Wardrobe: Beautiful Vintage Maps As Dresses and Shirts By Elisabeth Lecourt

above: “Coquille de Noix et Allumette”, Bird Eye View of San Francisco rep. 1846, Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt, 2012, 841 x 594 x 30 mm, price on request

London artist Elisabeth Lecourt‘s Les Robes Géographiques is a series of sweet dresses and a few buttoned-down shirts that use actual vintage paper maps from all over the world in lieu of textiles. Read more

Yes, These Historical Fashions & Haute Couture Are Made Of Hand-Painted Paper.

Paper Couture by Isabelle de Borchgrave

Let me start by saying… what you are looking at is made of paper! Now, that I’ve got your attention, prepare to be amazed at the work of Isabelle de Borchgrave. Read more

Paper Fashions Preview : Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci

Pratt Institute and Ralph Pucci International presented “Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci,” an exclusive exhibition preview of paper designs by fashion design, fine arts, industrial design, and interior design students from Pratt’s School of Art and Design on Tuesday, December 7th at the Ralph Pucci International Gallery Nine Showroom in New York.

An interdisciplinary group of 50 Pratt students were challenged to a semester-long study in texture and form to dress Pucci’s Spring 2011 “GIRL 2” mannequins entirely in paper. (By the way, I featured Ralph Pucci’s amazing mannequins here, if you are not familiar with the collection.)

The project was led by Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Pratt. The exhibition highlighted the best work from the project as selected by Ralph Pucci and will feature 20 dressed mannequins and 4 sculptural pieces.

above: The GIRL2 mannequin that served as the muse for the paper creations.

A panel of distinguished judges which included Linda Fargo, Vice President of Fashion, Bergdorf Goodman; Nicole Fischelis, Vice President of Fashion, Macy’s; Grey Mills, Founder of Greg Mills Showroom; Jens Risom, furniture designer; Anna Sui, fashion designer; Deborah Turbeville, photographer; and Vicente Wolf, interior designer selected the top three designs at the event.

Winners for Best Dress Design:
First place – Dana Otto
Second place – Meredith Lyon & Beatrice Weiland
Third place – Thom Forsyth
Best Sculpture – Su Ting Chen & Samantha Johnson
And K.C. Weakley created the amazing mural.

The students who created the top three designs received these awards – 12-inch mannequins hand sculpted by Pucci designer Michael Evert in gold, silver, and bronze:

More images of Pratt + Paper & Pucci:

photos shown in this post are courtesy of Pratt, Antoine Bootz for Ralph Pucci , Ralph Pucci International facebook photos and flickr photos from *Sparked

Pratt Institute and Ralph Pucci’s Paper Push

Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci,
Gallery Nine Showroom,
44 West 18th Street, 9th Floor,
December 8-10, 11 a.m-4 p.m.

Ralph Pucci is the major force behind Ralph Pucci International, and an innovator in the mannequin industry. He is president of the company founded by his parents in the 1950s, which is operated in a spacious loft on West 18th Street. Mannequins are designed, manufactured, and unveiled twice yearly. His Gallery Nine Showroom showcases art, sculptures, photography, lighting, and furnishings by a variety of new, spirited artists and designers.

Pap(i)er Fashion At The Museum Bellerive

The Pap(i)er Fashion Exhibition at the Museum Bellerive takes us through the fascinating history of paper clothes, beginning with the Swinging Sixties in America and, as the trend spread later, to Europe. The paper fashions reflected what was happening in art, politics and culture at the time; Pop Art and Op Art, Company logos, newspaper prints, and even the electoral candidates of 1968. Read more

And You Thought Origami Was Impressive: Paper Fashions By Zoe Bradley

paper fashions by Zoe bradley

Artist Zoe Bradley creates stunning headpieces, dresses, sets and installations crafted from various papers. That’s right…. paper. And boxes, and sometimes even plastic spoons. But her ‘forte’ is her signature use of various “luxury” papers in a sculptural way. Read more