A Close Look At Norway’s New Submerged Restaurant Under

A new half-submerged restaurant off the coast of Norway by Snøhetta architects has caught the eye of every design publication this week. Under is contained within a 34-meter monolith that leans one end on the shoreline and the other 5 meters below the water’s surface on the seabed. And not only do we have a look at the architecture for you, but also the interior design and details, the Head Chef and the food, the marine life and more. Read more

Norway’s Vennesla Library by Helen & Hard Architects

Norway's Vennesla Library by Helen & Hard

This modern public library in Vennesla, Norway designed by architects Helen & Hard is a very unique structure constructed using the innovative Glulam wood which is stronger than steel and has greater strength and stiffness than comparably sized dimensional lumber. Read more