UNIQLO Winning Nintendo T-Shirt Designs

A record of over 16,000 design submissions were entered into fashion brand Uniqlo’s UTGP’17 Nintendo (2017 Global T-shirt Design Competition) by Nintendo fans worldwide. The twenty-five UNIQLO Winning Nintendo T-Shirt Designs will be produced and sold later this month and we have them all here! Read more

Street Artist MEGX Turns Utility Buildings Into Fun for WSW

MEGX for Wuppertal Stadtwerke

MEGX for Wuppertal Stadtwerke. Street artist Martin Heuwold, aka MEGX, who works and lives in Wuppertal, Germany was commissioned by the power and water company Wuppertal Stadtwerke (WSW) to turn this some of their utilitarian facilities into something much more fun. Read more