Mach 2: David Mach’s Myslexic, Dominatrix, Lenticular Lady and More.

David Mach

Part two of the work of British Artist David Mach, Mach 2 brings us his curvaceous female nude sculptures and installations made from scrabble tiles, dominoes and cut up vintage postcards and photos. To see his amazing sculptures made with wooden matches, read Mach 1 : Match Head Sculptures by British Artist David Mach.

Myslexic, a chiaroscuro female nude comprised of scrabble tiles:
Picture+65 Picture+63 Picture+61 Picture+64 Picture+75 Picture+76

Dominatrix (comprised of dominoes):
Picture+11 Picture+13

Up Against The Wall (cut up postcards and photos):
Picture+22 Picture+18

Lenticular Woman (cut up postcards and photos):
Picture+21 Picture+10

Bent Double (cut up postcards and photos):
Picture+15 Picture+16 Picture+17

Upcoming project:

For more about the artist, see his bio on Mach 1: the match head sculptures of David Mach.