Legendary Illustrator Clifford Richards’ Timewise Watch for Mr. Jones

Owl watch

Timewise, a wristwatch featuring a modernist rendering of an owl by legendary illustrator Clifford Richards, has been re-released in color and is now part of the permanent collection at Mr. Jones Watches. Read more

Jesus, Is It That Late Already? TIme Savior Watch by Kirstin Ulve for Mr. Jones.

jesus watch

New York artist and illustrator Kirsten Ulve has produced this unique take on the kitsch Jesus-watch genre: The time is read on Jesus’s teeth – the upper jaw indicates the hours and the lower jaw the minutes. Read more

Mr. Jones Watches: Telling Time With ‘Tude.

We expect watches to tell us the time, but to tell us whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Whether or not we are loved and whether or not we are blessed? These witty wristwatches from mr. jones (aka Crispin Jones) do exactly that and more. Read more