Meet BB Billosaur, A Ceramic Piggy Bank for Paper Currency by Lemouton Noir & Co.

Meet BB Billosaur, The Newest Ceramic Piggy Bank by Lemouton Noir & Co.

A prehistoric version of the traditional piggy bank, BB Billosaur is a cute, handmade porcelain character with holes down his back emulating a Stegasaurus-like Mohawk. Forget piddly coin savings, this bank takes bills for some serious savings.

Natural corks secure the 7 openings perfectly when not in use.

This revolutionized version of the the traditional piggy bank design allows you to make a deposit by simply rolling up bills and popping them into the back. The cavity inside allows you to save oodles of moola for whatever it is you’re hoping for.

Materials – Ceramic, cork
Size – 6.5″ tall x 5″ diam.

The cute character has feet and a bellybutton like his predecessors, BB Bank and BB Kids (shown below), from Lemouton Noir & Co.

About le moutin noir & co (from their site):

For many years we have followed the heard like a flock of sheep.
Working hard, learning and growing, we have never let go of our dream.
The black sheep finally wakes up and steps forward to have some fun.

le moutin noir & co. launched in New York City Spring 2010. The principle is to introduce fun, quirky, safe & interesting design products to the market. We have a simple aesthetic and understand and live an ordinary life style. We hope that by consistently finding fresh and new designers with original ideas our customers’ lives will be made a bit easier. Our goal is to bring a smile to your face.

$39, buy the BB Billosaur here at Gessato

A Power Pig with 17 Snoutlets (and the Design Process behind it.)

Russian design studio Art Lebedev is always designing clever items, some as concepts, some as produced items. One of their latest concepts is something I wish would come to fruition. Check out the design process and final protoypes of their Power Strip Svintus with 17 snout-plugs (or Power Pig with ‘snoutlets’ as I like to call it.)

Task: to play up a conventional piggy.

Svintus power strip is a multi-snout cutie that you will not want to hide behind a couch. It’s a pink, fully functional device with seventeen snout-plugs.

Spiral cord evolved from a pig tail:

The built-in circuit breaker protects from overload (Circuit breaker disguised as a mono-nipple):

The Design Process:

Release date: September 30, 2011

artistic director: Artemy Lebedev
art director: Timur Burbayev
designer: Kirill Musienko
industrial designer: Alexei Sharshakov
modeler: Alexander Pozdeyev
visualizator: Philipp Gorbachev

A special shout out to Technabob for bringing this to my attention.