The Bewboc House in Kuala Lumpur by Fabian Tan

a modern home extension in malaysia

The newly built Bewboc House in Malaysia is an extension designed to take advantage of the empty corner area on the lot of a suburban home in Kuala Lumpur. The 3,700 square foot two-story concrete living space has a vaulted ceiling with lots of windows to let in light. Read more

Malaysia’s Hottest New Hotel Is A Transformed Colonial Filled With Art and Whimsy: The Macalister Mansion.

Macalister Mansion IIHIH 2

This new 4,800 square meter hotel in Panang, Malaysia was just completed last year and has already garnered numerous awards from the most prestigious hotel and travel organizations. It is housed in a 100 year old historic mansion that has been adapted into a modern and hip, but luxurious dining room, living room, den, cellar (bar), lawn area, mosaic pool and 8 separate rooms complete with private baths. Read more