The All-Electric Aether Luxury Airship by Mac Byers Could Usher In A New Era Of Air Travel.

Aether Luxury Airship

The Aether Luxury Airship concept is the final year university project by Mac Byers for his Transport Design BA (Hons) at the University of Huddersfield. Read more

If This Van’s A Rockin’ Don’t Come A Knockin – Unless You’re Dressed In Black Tie. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter With Luxury Bedroom.

Mercedes-Benz L5-B

This Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Van , the Mercedes-Benz L5-B, has been given the royal treatment by Lexani Motorcars who specializes in outfitting coaches and appointing them with custom amenities and materials that rival the finest luxury jets and yachts. Read more

Sleek, Solar, Sexy and Super High Tech. The Latest Images of The Code-X Yacht.

code x new gen hero IIHIH

The “CODE-X Yacht” was featured in its early stages on just about every design blog years ago. Since then, it’s actually come to reality and I wanted to share the latest images of the “Next Generation CODE-X Yacht” with you. (Info, specs and earlier images of the yacht are after the newest photos). Read more

King Of The Road, Fit For A King. The EleMMent Palazzo Luxury RV by Marchi Mobile.

elemment palazzo rv

Marchi Mobile of Vienna, Austria has recently unveiled a series of three concept vehicles, one of which is the uber luxurious eleMMent RV. Read more

Pennwick Adds A Sexy Italian Sport Car To Their Luxury & Custom Golf Carts.

Pennwick custom golf carts

For some people, a plain ol’ golf cart just won’t do. For those, there’s Pennwick Golf carts. Built on actual club car chassis, their custom luxury carts have exotic sculpted fiberglass bodies in the shape of various high end automobiles, retro style cars and most recently, an Italian sports car.

Pennwick Custom Golf Carts

Pennwick custom golf carts
above: Pennwick’s newest addition to their line of luxury and custom golf carts

Loaded with standard features like headlights, tail lights, turn signals, side mirrors, electric horns, a 48 volt charging system and battery charge and hour meters, the cars reach a speed of 20 mph and can be customized to include such options as a 6-Passenger Upgrade, 15″ Rims, a hard top, gas-powered chassis, leather seats, chrome tilt steering column, stereo package and a golf bag holder.

Their newest model is a fiery red sports car that resembles a Ferrari Enzo:
Ferrari enzo golf cart by Pennwick
Ferrari enzo golf cart by Pennwick
Ferrari enzo golf cart by Pennwick
Ferrari enzo golf cart by Pennwick

Other models include The Brooklyn, with a base price of $16500:
The Brooklyn golf cart
The Brooklyn golf cart
The Brooklyn golf cart

The Smoothster – with its retro styling and jump seat, has a base price of $15500:
The Smoothster golf cart
The Smoothster golf cart
The Smoothster golf cart

The Shadow, a nod to the stately Rolls Royce, has a base price of $16900:
The Shadow rolls royce golf cart
The Shadow rolls royce golf cart
The Shadow rolls royce golf cart

The ’56, with a signature grill, perfectly shaped fenders and real cherry wood bed floor, has a base price of $16500:
The '56 retro truck golf cart
The '56 retro truck golf cart
The '56 retro truck golf cart
The '56 retro truck golf cart
The '56 retro truck golf cart

They will also create custom utility carts of all types for you.

About Pennwick:
Father and Son, John Southwick & John Pennington have been in the business of building the finest Luxury Golf Carts for over 6 years. Pennwick, LLC was established in March of 2009. Together they created Pennwick with the idea that they would continue with the same quality and workmanship as they had in years past, but with a greater determination to continually improve their product while bringing the latest in luxury design.

They provide the largest selection of custom golf carts, estate vehicles and electric carts in the world, with a commitment to quality and a determination to produce the most luxurious. Ideal for golf courses, private homes and estates, retirement communities, hotels and resorts, their carts are perfect for all occasions.

Their luxury carts and electric vehicles are built on Club Car Chassis with quality fiberglass bodies, OEM paint, marine grade upholstery, working headlights, tail lights, turn signals and hazards.

Pennwick, LLC
457 W 410 S 
Springville, Utah 84663 

To learn more and to purchase, visit Pennwick

La Dolce Vespa. Limited Edition Vespas Inspired by Classic Italian Speedboats.

Digital Veneer in Auckland, New Zealand, provides ultra high quality environmentally responsible alternatives to the use of real wood, marble, granite and stone in the aviation, marine, automotive and high-end architectural markets.

They began their Designer Series of Limited Edition “Tribute” Vespas last February with the GTV Tribute Vespa, using the larger model as a canvas on which to try out a Mahogany veneered version of the originally Italian scooter.

The Limited Edition GTV “Tribute” Vespa:

GTV Specs:

Now, they have released Limited Edition LX50 and LX150 “Tribute” Vespas.

LX50 and LX150 Specs:

The styling and prestige of these limited edition Vespas evoke famous Italian speedboats from the 1960’s with their Mahogany mirror finish and hand stitched leather seats.

Each brand new Vespa is transformed by craftsmen into an authentic and unique work of art and carries a numbered limited edition silver plaque. Their personal customization service is also available to meet any specific requirements you might have.

What is Digital Veneer?

The Digital Veneer™ process decorates 3-dimensional and flat surface products made from plastics, metals, foam, wood, composites and any other structural material with a variety of finishes which exactly replicate the look and feel of natural and man made materials.

Digital Veneer™ is a fraction of the weight of real wood veneers and stone equating to lighter structures and significant fuel savings in aircraft, boats and automobiles.

Digital Veneer™ has the following three significant benefits:

• Environmentally Responsible: With exotic hardwoods, teak and other timber products becoming hard to obtain the ability to replicate the look without using valuable scarce resources.

• Lightweight: Using foams and advanced composites we are able to make hand rails, tables, flooring and cabinets that weigh 60 – 70% less than comparable units made from wood.

• Durability and Flame resistant: Considerable cost savings in maintenance can be achieved using ‘Digital Veneer’TM. Utilizing our high solids top coating system developed in conjunction with Awlgrip outside products need only be re-coated every 2 – 3 years opposed to every 2 – 3 months for wood / varnish. As the sub straights are made from a stable material they will not warp, split or swell. The composite construction makes the product stronger than real wood products.

Contact Lance Sheppard of Digital Veneer for more information

Street Artist RETNA Gets Some Tail As He Hand Paints A $60 Million Vista Jet.

Retna painted Jet

As part of a partnership with VistaJet & Bombardier Aerospace, 31 year old Los Angeles street artist RETNA has hand-painted a unique artwork on the tail of a VistaJet Global Express XRS as part of his Hallelujah World Tour. Read more

The 100m Phoenicia Superyacht Design By Igor Lobanov

100m Phoenicia Superyacht

Designer Igor Lobanov has revealed his latest innovative design concept to Super Yacht Times. He stated that Phoenicia it is an explorative study, focusing purely on the design elements themselves. This concept amalgamates various historical influences with a new modern design. Read more