Summer Is Coming, Gotta Get The Chillsner.

I spotted this over at the awesome site, Cool Material. As an owner of the corkcicle, I was pleased to see they’ve adapted the genius idea for beer drinkers – or anything that comes in a smaller bottle and is served cold. Read more

Beer That’s Out Of This World. Sapporo’s Space Barley.

Now, I don’t know how it tastes, but Sapporo has released a brew whose barleycorn was cultivated during a five month space mission. That’s right, a beer brewed in zero gravity. Sapporo intends to sell limited quantities of the space brew with proceeds going to a charitable science program for Japanese children. CNET says there will be a lottery in which 250 winners will be able to purchase the brew, the price of which will be $115.00 a six-pack. Why they did this as well as how is explained in detail further on in this post. Read more

At 395$ A Bottle, You Won’t Be Beer-Bonging This Brew: Jacobsen Vintage Nr. 1

Jacobsen Vintage Nr. 1
Bottles of Vintage Nr. 1 sell for $395 USD and have 4 different labels designed by Frans Kannik

Danish brewery, Jacobsen Brewhouse (owned by Carlsberg), has produced the most expensive beer in the world. The crown jewel has been named Vintage Nr. 1, and comes corked and wax-sealed in a slender, misty green bottle, just like a bottle of vintage champagne. Read more