All Of The Official Festival de Cannes Posters Since 1946 To The Present.

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Since we’re in the midst of the Festival de Cannes I thought it’d be nice to take a look at every single poster to date since the film festival’s inception in 1946. Read more

Hip Hop Heads. 14 Fabulous Illustrated Portraits by Dale Edwin Murray.

London-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer Dale Edwin Murray has created this fabulous and ongoing series of 14 different hip hop heads, portraits of hip hop artists. Wonderfully executed, the features and details are minimally depicted and yet are readily recognizable as the producers, writers, singers and artists they portray. Read more

35 Graphic Design Posters by Vahram Muratyan Compare Paris With New York.

paris vs new york posters

Art Director and Graphic Designer Vahram Muratyan compares Paris to New York with a series of beautifully designed graphic art posters. Read more

The 100 Hour / 38 Day Skull Drawing by Jacob Dahlstrup

Illustrator Jacob Dahlstrup took 38 days and 100 hours to complete this pencil drawing of a skull made up of detailed floral and plant life. Read more

Vintage Style DC Comic Posters By Michael Myers Jr.

Just last week I introduced you to the illustrated LOST characters by artist Michael Blaine Myers, Jr. Now, I wanted to show you his beautiful posters of various DC comic book Superheroes. From Aquaman to Wonder Woman, they are rendered in a style that is simultaneously both vintage and modern. Simply beautiful, they may actually be available for purchase soon. Read more