Emerging Talent: Meet Artist Loribelle Spirovski.

Loribelle Spirovski paintings
Loribelle Spirovski, Uzumaki 3, oil on panel, 2017

As someone with a love of fine art and a modicum of art history knowledge, you can imagine my glee when coming across artist Loribelle Spirovski, a young new talent whose work reminded me of three of my favorite painters: Egon Schiele, Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon. After seeking out more of her work, I had to sit down and immediately write a post. (more…)

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Victor Solomon’s Literally Balling

Victor Solomon’s series “Literally Balling” capitalizes on the level of cultural dominance achieved by the sport of basketball and its stars. By recreating basketball hoops and backboards with appropriated luxury materials he satirizes the religious devotion to the sport while simultaneously commenting on the fragility of luxury. (more…)

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