Gun-Shaped Doorknobs Function Like A Real Pistol: Pulling The Trigger Unlocks The Door.

the bang bang handle IIHIH

These creative door handles/hardware, designed by Russian product designer Nikita Kovalev of Napalm Design, look and function like a real gun. The Bang Bang handle was inspired by the Makarov Pistol.*  You have to “pull the trigger” to open/unlock the door. Read more

Books and Bibles that go Bang Bang! Bookguns by artist Robert The.

Bookguns by artist Robert The

Artist Robert The has been turning the printed word into facsimiles of weapons since 1995. His choice of books have purposefully ironic titles or subject matter when handcarved into the shape of handguns. Read more

The Hippest Gifts In Every Category For Everybody This Holiday Season.

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Let me be your personal shopper this Holiday Season. Seriously. Read more