Latest Ghoulishness From Photographer Joshua Hoffine

Photographer Joshua Hoffine

Ah, it’s that wonderfully creepy time of year again, All Hallow’s Eve. Therefore it’s time to bring you more gory creepy photography (and now jewelry, too) from the talented horror photographer Joshua Hoffine. Read more

Mutual Adornment: Natalie Shau’s Art & Lydia Courteille’s Jewels

natalie shau and lydia courteille

Here is an example of two artists combining their talents to market Lydia Courteille’s jewelry. Courteille is an extraordinary jeweler. She develops several collections every month along with many one of a kind items. Her work incorporates high karat golds and real gemstones into various subjects as flora, fauna and such gothic staples as crosses, skulls, snakes, bones and bats. She has become so well-known as a trend-setter, that international stylists from jewelry, fashion and accessories arenas never miss a chance to visit the boutique, particularly during fashion week in Paris. Read more