Wearing Words From The Heart. The Love Letter Ring by One Origin.

Here’s a very romantic piece of jewelry. One Origin jewelry will take your wedding vows, love letters or any words from the heart and bind them together in a custom ring that can be worn upon your finger.

The I(Thou) Ring is perfect for celebrating special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or your first year anniversary, for which the tradition just happens to be ‘paper.’

The ring is a simple silhouette crafted of sterling silver designed to hold the folded love letter Once you have placed your order you will be contacted within 24 hours with detailed instructions on how to submit the text that you would like to be printed out and inserted into the ring.

For obvious reasons, take it off when washing your hands, showering, bathing or swimming.

Price $200.
Order it here. 

Thanks to General Valentine for bringing this to my attention via materialicious

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