A Place Lego Lovers Will Worship. Abondantus Gigantus, A Lego-Like Church Pavilion.

In 2011, Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker of LOOS.FM designed a temporary pavilion in the public space for the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, Netherlands. The pavilion was to be a versatile meeting point and a place for stage performances, exhibitions and the catering industry. Read more

Full Sized Legos For Grown Ups: LunaBlocks by Lunatic Construction

Lunablocks lego furniture hero IIHIH

Designed and created by Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker, LunaBlocks by Lunatic Construction are based on an original concept, the transformation and enlargement of bricks used in building games for children. (obviously referring to Legos®.) Read more