If Casa Brutale by OPA Is The Home Of The Future, Bring It On. [25 Pics]

Casa Brutale by OPA

Embedded into a cliff in Rhodes, overlooking the Aegean Sea, Casa Brutale by OPA [Open Platform Architecture], is an extraordinary home design concept of wood, glass and concrete – complete with a rooftop swimming pool. Read more

The Self-Sustaining Isoleé House Barely Impacts Its Environment At All.

Isoleé House

The Isolée house is an eco-friendly and modern home described as a self-sufficient residence by Frank Tjepkema and Agustina Cociffi. The tiny structure is essentially a ‘smart house’ which incorporates a unique, solar tree-like device into the functional aspect, meaning very little to no fuel is required. The tree protrudes from the home’s roof contains circular photovoltaic panels which generate energy from the sun into the residence. Read more

Inflatable Pods Pop Up For Commercial and Residential Use: AirClad

AirClad Inflatable pods

With the growing popularity of ‘Pop Up’ events like fashion shows, art exhibits. concerts, demos, promotional marketing, food fairs and the like, the idea of creating temporary and portable but sturdy inflatable structures that can be furnished, lit and branded is a smart one. Read more

Hard Boiled Housing. The Blob VB3 by dvmA Architects.

The blob

The Belgian architectural firm dmvA designed the blob VB3, a smooth white structure that resembles a hard boiled egg, as a mobile office for xfactoragencies. Read more