A Faux Font Fragrance for Designers: $28 Helvetica Perfume.

helvetica perfume

Helvetica The Perfume is the brainchild of Meg Paradise & Faun Chapin, the founders of design and branding studio, Guts & Glory. Read more

Ora ïto Designs Silicone Cube Bottle for New Okaidi Kid-Friendly Fragrances

Ora Ito bottles for Okaidi

Love, Energy, Good, Dream and Optimism are five new scents by Obaibi for Okaidi packaged in a revolutionary new bottle design from Ora ïto. Read more

EGO FACTO: 7 Scents, Beautifully Bottled With Caps of Crystal.

ego facto perfumes

EGO FACTO is one brand with 7 unique perfumes, all beautifully bottled with real crystal caps and polished metal pendants on ribbons. Read more