Ready, Aim… Frame. Bullet Casing Portraits of Lennon, Lincoln, Kennedy and Others.

Bullet Casing Portraits

Another artist who has found a way to use ammunition in his work, David S. Palmer, joins the ranks of these talented folks about whom I’ve written; Al Farrow uses bullets in his amazing reliquaries, Unearthen makes stunning jewelry of bullet casings and gems, Jason Clay Lewis has a series of engraved bullets and artist Walt Creel uses bullet holes to create his artwork. Read more

Jason Clay Lewis: Drop Dead Gorgeous And Ammo As Art

jason clay lewis Drop Dread Gorgeous

Like many artists, Jason Clay Lewis seems to have a fascination with death. The majority of his unique sculptures and original art are either made from rat poison, include skulls or the appropriation of religious icons like Buddha and the Virgin Mary in fur and foam. His collections have names like The Black Death, The God Of War and Devour… you get the picture. Despite the glut of macabre art on the market, I do find his pieces alluring and bet you will too. Read more