Animated Pop Culture Collages by Ertan Atay

Animated Collages by Ertan Atay

Turkish artist Ertan Atay began his career as a graphic designer, then segued into art direction and photography before becoming the in-house Creative Director for Turkey’s MinT Production company from 2007-2013 after which he opened his own creative agency. Having followed Instagram closely for both his job and his own interests, he had begun collecting imagery that appealed to him and in his downtime started making fun collages and collage videos on his own Instagram account, garnering several followers. (more…)

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Pandemic Loteria Is Here And It’s Mucho Bueno.

Pandemic Loteria game

We’ve been chomping at the bit for a Coronavirus-related game and thankfully artist Rafael Gonzalez Jr. has come to the rescue with his pandemic-themed version of the Mexican bingo game, Loteria. The tongue-in-cheek version alters the game’s original iconography and replaces it Covid-19 related ones drawn by Rafael. The Texas-based artist’s version of Pandemic Loteria includes 37 cards, 10 boards and is available for purchase. (more…)

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Where’s Waldo? The Coronavirus Edition.

wheres waldo coronavirus edition

Pedro Mezzini, Creative Art Director at David the Agency, has created a Coronavirus version of author Martin Hanford’s iconic series of children’s books, Where’s Waldo? The parody of the book isn’t actually available for sale, but based on the reactions on Social Media, it should be. (more…)

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Chris Mann’s My Corona Is The Parody Song You’ve Been Wanting.

chris mann my corona song

One great thing about a global crisis and the internet is that those whose talents had previously escaped our attention often come to the forefront in the shape of memes, satire and song parodies. And thank god, because otherwise I’d never have known of Chris Mann and his brilliant Coronavirus song. (more…)

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