Meet Al Dente. The Pasta Timer Who Sings in Italian.

al dente singing pasta timer

Brainstream’s fun little pasta timer breaks out in Italian song – four different ones for four different cooking times. Looking like a member of the Mafia, Al Dente chomps on a cigar and even carries a violin case under his arm. Read more

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Coffee Maker!

These Marvel and DC Comics branded superhero products for the cook are officially licensed and coming out as quickly as their movies. Designed for adults – and great for college students- the products range from single serve coffee machines to 4 quart slow cookers. Of the supersized amount of stuff out there, we narrowed it down to our favorites, of which are available on Amazon. Read more

Oven Mitts With Attitude [10 Different Styles]

Oven Mitts, an essential tool for any cook, are usually functional but boring and drab. Not these oven mitts. These 10 different sarcastic and smarmy oven mitts are a recipe for fun. Plus, 1% of the sales of all oven mitts are donated to Hunger relief programs around the world. Read more

Muller Van Severen Cutting Boards Double As Wall Art.

muller van severen cutting boards

The Muller Van Severen collection of colored polyethylene cutting boards are not for those who just need to chop celery. These $1500 made-to-order sets of custom chopping boards are designed to hang as functional sculptures. Read more