Blinged Out Brain Buckets. NFL Helmets With Hand Applied Swarovski Crystals.

swarovski crystallized pro football helmets

In addition to blinging out animal and human skulls, artist Quinn Gregory of Chicago also takes authentic Riddell Proline Football Helmets (as worn by NFL players) and hand-applies over 12,500 Swarovski crystals to them. Read more

From Surf To Snow To Skates & Scooters – THE CHANEL SPORT COLLECTION

CHANEL has expanded their line of sports equipment (compared to their previous collections shown here) to include everything from boogie boards to bocce ball. Tons of snow skis, five snowboards, four different surfboards, a bicycle, five tennis racquets, two guitars, a scooter, fishing gear, golf clubs, Polo gear, a boomerang, a basketball, a football…. even inline skates. The luxury brand now has everything you need to compete in style whether riding a horse, or a wave. Read more

2008 Chanel Sports Gear For Fashionista Athletes

2008 chanel sports gear

Everyone knows Chanel for their purses, make-up, fragrances, skin care and couture, but what you may not know is that famous french fashion house also makes some very luxe sporting equipment and work out gear. Read more