Capturing Summer In Paintings Of Lawn Chairs. Contemporary Realism and Impressionism by Cindy Rizza.

Cindy Rizza Lawn Chairsabove: Cindy Rizza, 1972-2, Blue Stripe, Nonni, Peter, Pink Stripe, Uncle Bert, Harriet, Life Gives you Lemons, Yellow Chair, 1972, Flamingo, Pink Zig-Zig, Green Zig Zag, Rosa, Happy hour, *all sold

It’s been awhile since I posted a new artist’s paintings of chairs, one of my personal favorite subjects. Read more

The Oil Paintings and Pastels of Contemporary Artist Susan Bennerstrom

Oil paintings and Pastels of Artist Susan Bennerstrom
above: Susan Bennerstrom, Fort Mason, 32″ x 36″, oil painting

Artist Susan Bennerstrom began working in pastels and then moved to oil paints in 2008, but her exploration with the depiction of light has continued despite the change in mediums as you will see in this collection of her works. Read more