30 Carved Wood Baseball Bats by Vincent Kohler in ‘Turnaround.’

Vincent Kohler hand carved baseball bats

‘Turnaround’ is an artistic project by Vincent Kohler which focuses on the theme of the baseball bat. It consists of a collection of thirty baseball bats, turned on a lathe using different species of woods. Each bat is unique in form, and a book combining texts by various authors and photographs was specially done on the subject for this project. Read more

100 Wooden Toy Cars By 100 Different Designers: TobeUs

100 wooden toy cars by 100 designers

Matteo Ragni has gathered together 100 masters of design from all over the world including Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Barber Ogersby, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Jaime Hayon, Fabio Novembre and Setsu & Shinobu Ito to name but a few. With these globally renowned designers and the support of Alessi, Ragni created “100% TobeUs: 100 designers for 100 new toy cars.” Read more

Books Carved Into Intricate Japonesque Landscapes by Artist Guy Laramee.

Another novel idea. Artist Guy Laramee is a composer, an author, a painter, a film director, an anthropologist and yes, a book-carver. The Canadian multidisciplinary artist has a series of old leather bound books out of which he carves beautiful mountainous and eroded landscapes. Below are many of his pieces. Read more

A Wicked Way With Wood. Font Wall Art & Coasters By Jen Pepper.

laser cut wood products by jenn pepper

Jen Pepper, the designer behind Peppersprouts, combines technology with crafting to create homewares and wall art that have a modern style combined with a traditional sensibility. While she also works in acrylic, I am especially fond of her hand drawn and laser etched cherry and walnut coasters and wall art. Read more

The Alphabet Chest Has 26 Reasons To Use It.

Alphabet Chest by Kent and London

The Alphabet chest by Kent and London, hand crafted furniture makers, is inspired by old printer’s blocks. Each letter represent a drawer. The completely handmade piece is crafted of solid oak and stands about waist-high. Read more

Heeey Batter Batter! The Carved Baseball Bats of Peter Schuyff

carved baseball bats by Peter Schuyff

A series of carved wooden baseball bats as sculptures called “Dutch baseball” by artist Peter Schuyff. Read more

Wood Sculptures That look Like Anything But. The Work Of Ricky Swallow.

Ricky Swallow Wood Sculptures

Australian born sculptor and painter Ricky Swallow has many talents. Only one of which are his realistic wood carvings made with Jelutong, English Lime, Walnut and Pear wood. Read more