10 Expensive Purchases Worth Every Penny.

10 purchases worth every penny IIHIH

For my final post of 2014, I thought I’d give my readers the benefit of my being an Über-Consumer and share with you ten pricey items I’ve never, ever regretted buying. Not for an instant. Read more

What The Top Luxury Brands Did (Or Didn’t Do) To Wish Customers A Happy Holiday.


What did the top Luxury brands do this year to connect with their fans, engage their consumers and wish them a happy holiday season?  Well, I’m going to show you some of the luxury brand Christmas campaigns. Read more

UPDATED AGAIN*: Kate Goes With Sarah Burton For Alexander McQueen With Cartier Tiara & Matching Earrings.

*UPDATED PICS now include the cakes, the reception dresses, the ugliest hat and more. Read more

Advertising Concept For Cartier Combines Luxury With Violence.

Advertising Concept For Cartier

In this advertising concept For Cartier, a simple photographic juxtaposition of fine jewelry items by Cartier with a ball and chain (which has the wonderful double entendre given that it’s a wedding band), a hand grenade, and explosives is a twist on the traditional and boring way that most fine jewelry items are presented in advertising and marketing. Read more

Cartier’s New Watches Unveiled at SIHH: Including the 3D Santos Triple 100 and Le Cirque Animalia

At the 2008 SIHH, Cartier unveiled a slew of new watches. Although many blogs are talking about their new Le Cirque Animalier Collection, those are my least favorite of the new watches. There are several others worth gawking at as well and they are all shown below. The coolest watch they debuted was definitely the Triple faced Santos. Read more