Dogeared Design. The Folded Book Art of Isaac G. Salazar.

folded book art

Isaac G. Salazar is a completely self taught American book artist located in Artesia, NM. With a degree in accounting, he works as a full time accountant. Having never having taken an art class, he discovered his talent for folding the pages of books to create imagery while trying to find a hobby he could enjoy. Only recently did he begin to refer to himself as ‘an artist.’ Read more

Books Carved Into Intricate Japonesque Landscapes by Artist Guy Laramee.

Another novel idea. Artist Guy Laramee is a composer, an author, a painter, a film director, an anthropologist and yes, a book-carver. The Canadian multidisciplinary artist has a series of old leather bound books out of which he carves beautiful mountainous and eroded landscapes. Below are many of his pieces. Read more